Making Magic Your Own: The Art of Spell Customization

How to customize your magic and imprint every spell with your signature energy.

The secret to spell-casting success is not learning to shape the energy around you.  It’s learning to shape yourself around the energy.  

Today, we’re going to talk about how to customize your spellcraft and impart your own signature energy into every ritual.  

Take some time to think about your magical style.

No one fits neatly into any one label—-in any aspect of their lives.

Your magical life is no different.  

If you describe yourself as a “green witch” that doesn’t mean you never work kitchen spells or try your hand at tarot.  

But very generally, if you’re not sure where to start, it can be helpful to give your personal style of magic a name or describe it in a few words.  If you’re able to say “I like my magic encrusted with gemstones and a side of windchimes to raise the vibes” or “I’m a handmade-candles-and-homegrown-herbs” kind of practitioner, that’s a great thing to know about yourself.

Try taking a spell you’ve read in a book or found online and incorporating your own favorite elements to make it something unique to your practice.

Base your spell on your talents.

You can base a spell on almost anything.

Your knitting project, your journal writing, or your piano can become the base focal point for magic.

You can focus your energy by “knitting a friendship” together in a blanket made for a person you’d like to seal bonds with.  You can write a chant over and over in your journal to set your intentions.  Or, you can use your piano to raise energy by playing something slow and building speed..

Use your personal history to time your spells.

Of course, the full moon is the most common time for spellwork.

But if you want to impart more personal meaning, try timing your spell according to the calendar of your personal history.

For example, a romance spell to spice up your relationship timed on the date of your wedding anniversary is a powerful way to use the energy of your memories and history to drive power into your magic.

Or, cast a healing spell for grief on the date of a loved one’s death.

Your birthday is a perfect time to cast a spell for new beginnings or healing from trauma.

You get the idea.

Choose locations for spell work that have meaning to you.

If you take a drive around your town, chances are, you’ve got memories around every corner.

Whether it’s a secret stump in the forest where you once played with friends when you were little or a quiet city lookout, use the energy of the places around you to create a heightened sense of spiritual awareness.

Try asking the spirits of the woodlands to assist you in finding a lost object by leaving a (natural, biodegradable) offering beneath a fern deep in the woods.

Or whip up a batch of love spell cookies in your grandmother’s kitchen to charge them with the power of your heritage and ancestery.

Work with tools that are heirlooms from your past.

Instead of picking up a chalice at the local occult shop, try using the champagne toasting glass from your wedding.

Or, make an altar cloth out of your mother’s apron.

That statue you brought back from Greece would look way better on your altar than stuffed in the back of your closet waiting for a place to be showcased.

You almost never need to buy something to make a spell work, and what you already have is probably better anyway—because it’s covered with the essence of what makes you, you.

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Learn to use your unique gifts and personal magical style to customize your spell craft and make it as unique as you are.

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