Joy Craft: 6 Ways to Manifest Happiness with Magic

Manifest is the word of the moment in new age circles.  But there’s nothing new about it in modern witchcraft.

Manifesting energy, intentions and positive change is the very foundation of spells and magic.

So today, let’s talk about a few simple ways to use your Craft to invite a little joy into your life.

Incorporate lemons in your spells.

How to use lemons in witchcraft, rituals, spells and magick.

In spell craft, lemons correspond to joy, happiness and productivity.  

Add lemon peel to sachets or include the juice of a lemon in a kitchen witch recipe.

Or, burn lemon essential oils on your oil burner in the mornings to start the day with a positive attitude.

Need more ideas?  Check out these 9 ways to use lemons in witchcraft.

Use the color yellow.

In color magic, the color yellow symbolizes jubilation.


-A bright yellow cloth on the altar.

-Wear the color yellow to brighten your mood.

-Use a yellow drawstring bag as a spell sachet for happiness.

Make a batch of sun cakes.

Sun cakes are ritual cakes intended to “shine light” on dreary moods.

Whip up a batch of them on a rainy day to lift spirits.

Keep one or two and give the rest away to neighbors, friends and family.  It’s an easy, fun way to spread the joy.

Banish sadness. 

Banishing rituals consciously dispel a person, feeling, thing or situation.

Instead of manifesting joy, try taking the opposite approach and banish sadness.

Carve symbols of grief into a candle, or just carve the word sadness.  Rub banishing oil on it and burn it down.

Or, try this sun spell to banish depression.  Speaking of which . . . 

Experiment with sun magic.

We generally associate witchcraft with the moon and moon-centered rituals.

However, using the sun in a similar way is a perfectly valid way to honor celestial energy.

The sun represents happiness, light and freedom.

You’ve probably heard a joyful person described as having a “sunny disposition.”  This metaphor is a perfect example of our association of happiness with the sun.

New to sun magic?  Check out this article on how to use the sun in spell craft.

Try a citrus bath to promote happiness.

As noted above, citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruit and oranges promote happiness.

Try this citrus and champagne bath to cleanse negativity and manifest joy.

Bonus:  It not only lifts your spirits, it makes you smell really pretty.

Make a spell oil for joy.

Spell oils incorporate ingredients chosen intentionally to manifest a particular energy or intention.

Joy Oil is a fairly simple anointing oil you can make with a few basic ingredients.

In a small, corked bottle, blend together:

-1 ounce olive oil

-8 drops lemon essential oil

-12 drops orange essential oils

-9 drops frankincense essential oil.

Use this oil in any happiness spell.  For example, anoint a yellow candle with it and burn it on your altar, or add it to a citrus bath.

Blessed be.

Joy Craft:  Simple ways to manifest joy and happiness with magic and spell craft.

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