Power Raising: What It Is & How to Do It

Power Raising for Magic, Spells and Witchcraft: What It Is, and How to Do It Right

Power raising is a crucial part of modern spell casting and magic.  Power raising drives momentum into your spell work and sets clear, powerful intentions.

But what is it, exactly?  And how did you do it?

Whether you want to add potency to your spells, or you’re stuck in a spell-casting rut, your success rests on your ability to raise power.

Today, we go over what power raising is, and how to do it effectively.

Use the following ideas to modify an existing spell, or use them as a guide for things to incorporate in spells you write yourself.

What is power-raising?

Power raising is the act of focusing intense, concentrated energy into a single purpose or intention.

Every witch is different, and no technique applies to all forms of magic. 

But generally, in modern witchcraft, power raising is performed after you establish a sacred space, and before you close the circle or ground and center.

Here are a few of the most common ways to raise power.


Chanting is perhaps the most common of all power-raising techniques,

Choose a chant appropriate to your spell that communicates your intentions in a very simple, short series of words.

Start chanting in a very soft voice.  You may even begin silently.

Slowly build from a whisper to a shout.

Try it.  It’s amazing, especially when working with a group.

Dancing or spinning.

If you love the spiritual side of dance, try using it to punch up your spell work.

(And dancing isn’t your thing, try spinning!)

Start with a slow, repetitive movement, and work your way up into a more frenzied experience.

When you reach the apex, drop to the floor, place your hands flat on the ground, and send your intentions into the earth.  Imagine roots growing out from your palms, and trust that your intentions will bloom out of the earth from the energy you just planted there.

Use fireworks.

This is one of my favorite approaches!

Got some leftover fireworks from the 4th of July?  Try using them to raise power in your spell work.

Work it for a full moon cycle.

If your spell only calls for work on one or two nights, consider working it for the entire moon cycle.

For example, rather than working a candle spell for one evening, consider burning your spell candle a little each night. 

Start on the night of the waning moon, focusing on your intention every night and building on the energy you generate until it culminates on the night of the full moon.

This is an extremely powerful way to get a spell “unstuck.”

Give it an extra kick.

Spell still not working?  Try one of the following ideas to give it an extra kick in the butt.

Add a pinch of ginger.

Among ginger’s many uses in witchcraft, its use as a spell-casting “turbo-charger” makes it a must-have in your spell cabinet.

Find a way to incorporate ginger into your spell to boost its potency.

Try a completely different approach.

If your attraction bath spell isn’t doing the trick, try a love spell candle instead.

Sometimes, the best way to add power to your spells is to simply try a new technique.

Experiment with different spell casting techniques to avoid letting your magic get stale.

Do the drudge work.

Not working the mundane side of your magic is one of the most common mistakes beginners make.

Think of your life as a sailboat.

Magic puts winds in your sails.  It gives you the momentum to get where you want to go.

But you still have to steer the boat.

If you cast a spell to break writer’s block, but you haven’t actually sat down to focus on writing anything, you can’t really expect to make progress.

Steer the boat, Captain.

Power Raising: What It Is & How to Do It

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