What is Eye of Newt & How Do You Use It in Spells?

"“Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,!" So goes the famous cauldron scene in Shakespeare's Macbeth. But what is eye of newt? And how do real witches use it?

Eye of newt is an Old World term for mustard seed.

The Europeans of the Renaissance era so powerfully associated this spice with witchcraft that it even makes an appearance in Shakespeare’s famous Macbeth cauldron scene.

Try using this notoriously witchy spell ingredient in your own magic with one of the following clever ideas.

“Shrink” problems.

Eye of newt symbolizes the smallness of humanity when compared with the vastness of an unknowable universe.

If you find yourself struggling with a problem that seems to get bigger and more troubling over time, try sleeping with a sachet of eye of newt underneath your pillow.  Leave it there beginning on the first night of the waning moon until the dark moon.

Each night when you go to sleep, imagine the problem shrinking to the size of a mustard seed.

Repeat every moon cycle until the problem recedes and becomes more manageable.


This spell ingredient promotes a sense of trust and confidence in your destiny.

If you find yourself struggling to cope with a seemingly unfair or hopeless situation, add mustard seed to a spell jar for hope, inspiration, and fortitude in the face of adversity.

For protection.

Medieval Europeans scattered mustard seeds around the perimeter of their homes to ward away evil spirits.

You can either try the same approach to keep your property free from dark energy, or you can symbolically plant mustard plants in your magical garden for the same effect.

Break out of old habits.

Eye of newt only releases its flavor when crushed and blended into a paste (a discovery that gave birth to the common table mustard).

Just as mustard seeds contain hidden spice, so does your spirit.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut or unable to break free from unhealthy or stagnant habits, consider wearing a charm of mustard seed with you to help freshen your perspective and propel your life forward.

To blunt the sting of a Scorpio.

As early as the sixth century BC, eye of newt was used medicinally as a remedy for scorpion stings.

But in magic, you may use it to thwart the anger of a Scorpio—which is notoriously thorny!

Simply carve the name of the Scorpio in question into a candle and surround the base with mustard seed.  Burn it nightly from the first night of the waning moon until the dark moon and swiftly redirect the Scorpio’s discontent!

Become wiser with your words.

Traditional European medicine often incorporated mustard into remedies for the throat.

If you struggle not to say things you don’t mean, lay down and try placing a bag of mustard seed on your voicebox.

Imagine your throat growing heavy, relaxed, and slowing down.

Over the next few days, concentrate on saying only what is true & necessary.  Resolve to make your words honest and of high quality.

In kitchen magic.

Incorporate mustard sauce in kitchen magic for large meals with family and friends.

The ancient and sacred use of mustard promotes communion & human connection.

Makes a perfect addition to an egg recipe for your Ostara meal!

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Eye of newt is actually a very common spice. You might even have some! Learn how to use it in witchcraft, spells and magic.

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