Are you stuck in a spell crafting rut?

Are you stuck in a spell crafting rut?

Do you always use the same spell tools in the same way to address the same problems?

When was the last time you stepped outside the box and did something creative with your Craft?

How long has it been since you tried a new divination system or explored a new spell casting method?

If you feel stuck in a spell crafting rut, break out of it with one of these refreshing approaches.

Change Locations

High priestess.

If you generally cast your circle in your home, consider taking your next ritual outside.

Conversely, if you tend to create your sacred space outdoors, try erecting a home altar.

The creative process of switching locations refreshes your outlook and helps you to come up with new ideas for spell craft.

Organize a Moon Circle

Moon circle spell scroll invitations for a full moon party, esbat or women's moon circle.

From beautiful, handmade moon circle invitations to baking a seasonal kitchen witch dish for your  guests, hosting a moon circle helps in two ways:

-You get to think creatively about things like decorations, recipes and moon circle favors.

-You spend some time with like-minded people, which gives you an opportunity to exchange spell tips and ideas.

Win win.

Put away your tools.

Sometimes, using the same tools over and over keeps us thinking about spell craft in the same way.

But rather than buy new ones, try working with none at all.

Your mental energy provides everything you need to cast a spell.

Take a course.

Expand your knowledge and take your practice to the next level.

Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts offers high quality courses in witchcraft, metaphysics and the magical arts.

From potion making to tarot reading, nothing inspires fresh spell ideas like learning a new witchy skill.

Try implementing a witchy morning ritual.

Experts say highly successful people maintain consistent morning rituals.

If you find yourself in a spell crafting rut, try implementing this proven strategy for a powerful reboot.

Consider building a witchy morning ritual into your routine daily.

Go foraging.

Spring foraging for witchcraft, magic and spell ingredients.

Sometimes, thinking creatively is as easy as stepping outside.

Go foraging for spell craft ingredients and find something you never worked with before.

Research it and make it the base for your next custom spell idea.

Get Craft-y.

Plush Love Spell Poppet

There’s a reason psychologists use art therapy to treat PTSD.

Crafts are therapeutic and restorative.  

They help us to focus, process blockages and move forward.  

In the same way, they make a fabulous cure for “spell writer’s block.”  

Need some ideas?  Check out Moody Moons Witchy Crafts section.


Often, stale energy clouds our thinking and prevents us from seeing past the repetitive nature of daily life.

Try a ritual energy clearing.

Whatever method you use, consciously driving away negative or old energy patterns helps to make way for new growth and a more positive, free-thinking outlook.

Try lemon peel on the altar.

How to use lemons in witchcraft, rituals, spells and magick.

A traditional spell ingredient for mental clarity, lemon peel renews sharpness and helps you break loose from cemented ideas.

Place a bowl of lemons on the altar or add lemon peel to a spell sachet for creativity to free yourself from the drudgery of cyclic magical routines that no longer serve your practice.

Take a break.

Sometimes, a witchy rut comes down to a simple case of burnout.

If you keep coming at your spell craft and it keeps sending you back without significant progress, think about taking a break from your practice.

Take the time to focus on other areas of your life for a full moon cycle and vow to return with renewed energy.

Blessed be.

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