Spell Bag to Break Through Writer’s Block

Break through writer’s block with this easy witchcraft spell to promote creativity and get the ink flowing through your pen again!

Whether you struggle to get through writing your college term papers or you’re stuck in the middle of your third novel, we all suffer writer’s block at some point.  Why not use your witchy skills to overcome it?  

Writer’s Block Spell Bag

Beat your stubborn creative block!

The metaphysical properties of the ingredients in this spell encourage creative flow and refreshment of the senses.

Spell to break through writer's block.

(Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  You’re welcome to read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s disclosure page. Spoiler alert:  It’s pretty boring.)

You will need:

Coffee:  Targets language blocks.  It’s no secret that drinking it makes a chatterbox out of even the shyest wallflower, so we include it here to loosen the stream of consciousness and push past mental barriers that stand in the way of free moving language in the mind.

Mint:  That spring-fresh feeling your mouth wash gives you in the morning most likely tastes like mint.

Its refreshing qualities also act on the mind, making it a great spell ingredient to reinvigorate your creative thinking and see things from a new perspective.

I picked this sprig out of my garden, but dried mint also works fine.

Sea Shell or Sea Glass:  Both are ruled by the Element of Water, which is the element of creativity and encourages creative “flow.”

MarigoldMarigold, known for its power to inspire, is used in witchcraft to encourage innovation, creativity and insight.

Yellow Candle:  A taper, pillar or votive candle—-not a jar candle.  You’ll need to carve it.  In modern witchcraft, yellow encourages creative thinking and promotes unique ideas.

A Personal Item:  In order to tie your personal energy to your spell bag, include a personal item.  A lock of hair or a fingernail works fine.  I used this celtic ring, which has pretty much been on my finger since my trip to Ediburgh to cover the Beltane festival this spring:

Magic witchcraft spell to crush writer's block.

Casting the Spell

If you happen to be working during the full or waxing moon, all the better.

But very often, writer’s block strikes when you need to finish by a certain deadline.  In that case, use the suns waxing energy by casting this spell between sunrise and noon.  As a bonus, the sun’s creative energy charges your intention.

Gather your ingredients and lay them out on your altar.

Place the ingredients in the bag together.

Carve the candle with your name, birthdate and sun sign and place the spell bag near the base.  (But not close enough that the wax drips on it when you light it).

Light the candle, close your eyes, and imagine a yellow light shining from the crown of your head.  Feel your mind opening to infinite possibility.  Don’t worry about coming up with ideas right now.  Just set an intention to be receptive and open.

Extinguish the candle.  Leave the bag in a sunny location (or in the full moon) to charge it.

Sleep overnight with the bag near your bedside or in your pillow case.

Every night after until the writer’s block clears, re-charge the bag by lighting the same yellow candle and repeating your meditation and sleep with it near you.

Blessed be!

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Make writer's block go away with this magical spell bag to get creative again.



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