Power Raising with Firecrackers for Spells and Magic

Looking for something to do with all those leftover firecrackers?

If you’re in the US, firecracker stands dot every scenic highway this time of year.  And the week after the Fourth of July, they go from on-demand to on-sale!

Driving past one of them, I had an idea:  why not use them in a ritual?

With 12 (or 13!) Esbats a year, thinking of unique ways to raise power creates novelty and excitement.

Here are some fun ways to include fireworks in the upcoming full moon ritual.

Wiccan Spells with Firecrackers

*Please note:  Never forget you are dealing with explosives, which are extremely dangerous.   Take a moment to read up on fireworks safety.  Please take all necessary precautions, and try these at your own risk!


This a great way to include the kids!

Give one to each of them and tell them to “draw” a wish in the air.

Encourage them to be energetic or twirl in circles.

These are also great in faerie magick.  When lit, they look like little faeries shooting through the night sky.  Gorgeous!

Smoke Bombs 

Choose a color that has meaning for your ritual.

Light the smoke bomb and place it in a large, fire-safe cauldron in the center of the circle.

Just make sure it’s a big circle!  The dye from smoke bombs can stain clothing and even lightly bleached hair.

Still, the ethereal quality it gives the air makes for beautiful spell-casting.


Use in rituals that feature serpent energies.

The weird, unsettling vibe of snake fireworks imparts a strange energy that works for darker rituals.

Charge the snake firework ahead of time by focusing your intent for protection magic, wisdom and bravery.


Write your intention in sidewalk chalk on the concrete and set them off on top of your incantation.

I can think of some more super fun ways to use explosives, but I don’t anyone to blow off a finger!  Be safe!

Power Raising in Witchcraft


Power-raising with fireworks for spell casting, witchcraft and magic.

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