10 Ways to Use the Waxing Moon in Witchcraft

The Waxing Moon

Whenever you work with the waxing moon in spell craft or magic, keep in mind its hallmark themes.

Much like the currents of the ocean, it’s easy to swim with the tides than against them.

Moon magic works under a similar principle.

To use it to its best advantage, incorporate it in spells that draw things towards you, make things bigger or grow parts of your life that you want more of.  For example:

Job Spells

On the hunt for a new gig?  Take some time during the waxing moon to think about what you really want in a job.  Then try this job spell to attract the perfect position, boss or coworkers.

Personal Growth

Ready to move on from an old relationship, venture out to a new travel destination or build a healthier, happier lifestyle?  Try working with the waxing moon cycle to kick start your goals.

Sit down, write out a plan of action, and begin it on the first day of the waxing moon.

Then, during the full moon, celebrate your progress!

Love and Attraction Spells

If you want to draw a new love interest or deep friendship, the waxing moon opens the way for starting new relationships.

Be creative!  Try on one of these 10 Ways to Use the Color Red in Love Spells & Attraction Magic.

Money Drawing Spells

Whether you want to get out from under your debt, need to save for your future or set a goal to earn enough for a nice vacation, money drawing spells usually call for a waxing moon.

The night of the new moon, set aside some time to sit under the stars.  Close your eyes and meditate on opening yourself to the Universe and any opportunities that come your way to earn some extra cash.

Then, when the chance comes along, keep your promise to openness by taking it—-even if it means watching your friend’s hyperactive pooch while she goes out of town or accepting a part-time job you wouldn’t ordinarily consider.

Talent Development

If you want to acquire a new skill, try beginning your journey during the waxing moon.

Sign up for a class that starts at that time, or pick up a book to begin reading on the first day of the waxing moon.

Track your progress during this time, paying careful attention to any dreams or creative inspiration that comes to you during meditation.  Then, run with it!

Healing Spells

Because the process of emotional, physical and spiritual healing tends to manifest in a progressive pattern, try riding the cosmic wave of the waxing moon by implementing spells to heal emotional wounds.

Perfect during a recovery period from mourning or illness.

Joy and Happiness Spells

Want to attract more joy into your life?

Try a simple happiness spell during the waxing moon to draw lightheartedness into your world.

Place a yellow flower or a piece of lapis lazuli on the altar to encourage joy and invite calmness.

Getting Stronger

If your goals include getting physically stronger (like gaining muscle) mentally stronger (like building willpower) or spiritually stronger (more able to weather difficulties, for example), make big moves in that direction during this time.

As the moons power grows, so will yours!

Expanding Your Social Circle

Throughout any given lifetime, friends come and go.  Sometimes, solitude is necessary for reflection and deep rest.

But other times, surrounding ourselves with people contributes to our world awareness, our emotional growth and our sense of duty to community.

If you feel a little sparse in the friendship department, try using the waxing moon to schedule some social events or even just reconnect with old friends after a period of distance.

Pregnancy Blessings

Take some time during each waxing moon of your pagan pregnancy to recognize the power of your own cycles!

If you’re expecting a little witchlette, consider trying a belly blessing or spell to ease the discomfort associated with pregnancy.

(Here comes the obligatory statement of the obvious:  please see your doctor about any medical concerns associated with pregnancy, and never ignore symptoms that concern you or rely on spell craft to deal with them.  Hopefully, we all use this common sense.  But lawyers.)


How and why to use the waxing moon in witchcraft.


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