Are love spells unethical?

Are love spells unethical?

Are love spells unethical? 

When it comes to spell craft, no one can tell you what your personal ethical or moral standards should be.  Your spirituality is your business, and your practice is as individual as you are.  No judgement.

But it’s important to at least think about what your own ideas are regarding these issues, and that’s what we’re here to lay out for you.

Let’s take some time to talk about why this subject is so controversial, and how to decide what’s right for you.

What is the big deal about love spells?

If you’ve ever dared to ask for help from an experienced witch to cast a love spell, there’s a good chance you were met with a lecture.

Ethical standards in witchcraft vary from tradition to tradition, and individual to individual.

But there is a pervasive notion in the modern witchcraft community that love spells are a bad idea.

Why?  Here are some common objections to love spells.

“They don’t actually work.”

Many experienced witches believe that the most effective magic is the magic you apply to yourself.

For example, casting a spell to bring your inner beauty to the surface or draw new experiences to you are both very effective ways of altering your personal energy and changing your life in a positive way.

On the other hand, the idea that you can exert your will on another human being is much harder, and much more controversial.  Some people believe it’s impossible, and others think it’s just wrong.

Which brings us to our next point.

“Interfering with someone’s free will is morally wrong.”

This is perhaps the most common objection to love spells.

Although casting spells to attract the romantic attention of a specific target is one of the oldest and most universal forms of magic,  mainstream modern witchcraft tends to discourage spells that interfere with another person’s freewill, whether or not they actually work.

If you really think about it, the idea of someone forcing you to fall in love them is pretty repulsive, and it’s understandable that some people believe you shouldn’t do to someone else what you wouldn’t have done to you.

“They backfire.”

Some practitioners believe that love spells do work and they are morally neutral, but that they’re still a bad a idea because of the potential to backfire.

A person who is relentlessly persistent or puts you on a pedestal is usually more annoying than attractive.

Some people even think such spells can cause infatuation to spin out of control and evolve into stalking behaviors.

Just be straight with me.  Are love spells okay, or not?

Sorry, there’s no simple answer! 

Ultimately, you are responsible for the energy you put into the universe, and you have to decide what you’re comfortable with.

But before you write them off completely, remember that it’s not all black-and-white.  There is nuance to love spells, and they’re not all created equal. 

Here’s a break down of the two most common forms of love spells.

Attraction Magic

An attraction spell is any ritual intended to draw love into your life in a very general way.  These spells don’t specify a particular person, but rather act as a kind of magnet for love and romance.

Most people see nothing wrong with a simple attraction spell.

Of course, any romance can get messy, so be sure it’s something you really want to deal with right now!

Targeted Love Spells 

Targeted spells specify a particular person as the “target.”  The intention is to convert the individual’s apathetic or even hostile feelings into romantic notions.

These types of spells tend to be much more controversial—both ethically and to the degree in which they are actually even possible.

NEVER pay someone to cast a love spell!

As we’ve pointed out, you have to make up your own mind about your ethical beliefs, but the one thing we can advise you firmly on is to never pay anyone to cast a love spell for you.

People who offer to cast love spells are almost certainly frauds.  Plain and simple.  They are preying on your desperation and they will take your money until you figure it out.

Please.  Don’t feed the charlatans.  Thanks, kids.

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Are love spells unethical? Let's take a look at this controversial topic and whether or not the old guard's of witchcraft are just a little bit dramatic about the repercussions of romance magic.

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