Cottage Witch: A Goddess of the Hearth and Home

The Cottage Witch Aesthetic: The Domestic Goddess of WItchcraft

Are you a cottage witch?    A cottage witch, sometimes called a house witch or a hearth witch, bases her practice around the hearth & home.

The cottage witch typically possesses a wide range of magical domestic skills.  Crafty and resourceful, she expertly transforms scraps of fabric into spell poppets and knows her way around kitchen witchery.

If this sounds like you, or a path you want to start down, consider the following ideas to enrich your practice.

Put your sewing skills to use.

If you know how to sew (whether by hand or with a machine), use your skills in your magical practice.

Inspire yourself to create something spellbinding with any of the following project ideas:

Spell Poppets

Plush Love Spell Poppet

Making spell poppets is a fun, easy way to incorporate sewing in to your spell work.

Try this love goddess spell poppet to draw a little romance in your life.

Make magical home decor.

Make these adorable triple moon decorative pillows and enchant your home with a little witchy magic.

If you enjoy home decor sewing, try using it as a form of magical self expression.

This set of triple moon pillows takes an hour or so, and adds a touch of enchantment to your home.

Spell Sachets

Similar to poppets, spell sachets are sachets stuffed with herbs, stones and other spell ingredients to draw a certain energy into your home or personal space.

My favorite idea?  These heat activated spell sachets make great pocket warmers in the colder months.

Paint your door purple.

A purple door has special meaning in witchcraft.

Painting your door a deep or brilliant shade of purple serves as a symbol that magic lies behind the threshold.  

If you’re lucky enough to own your home in a neighborhood without a homeowner’s association, this is an especially striking feature on a cottage witch’s home.

Set up a home altar . . . or 3!

Pagan household altar for peace and tranquility.

No cottage witch’s home is complete without a home altar.

Use statuary with meaning to your practice.  Include hand-blended anointing oils and homemade candles. 

Or, use beautiful piece of heirloom fabric as an altar cloth.  (Your grandmother’s wedding veil?  A piece of silk your mother brought back from China decades ago?)

Maintain your home altar with treasured duty.  Keeping it tidy and well-stocked raises the vibes in your home.

Got a fireplace?  Put that bad boy to use.

The hearth fire is a special place for the cottage witch.  

On a cold autumn or winter day, fire it up and toss dried protection herbs to safeguard your home’s energetic vibrations, or even consider cooking over a wood fireplace for an earthy experience that reconnects you with your ancestors.  

Create a magical garden.

10 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

While green witches tend to be experts at magical foraging, the cottage witch tends to place more emphasis on growing her own herbs and magical gardening.

Keep it simple to start.  Try:

-Planting rosemary by your front door to guard the threshold.

-Burying rose quartz near the roots of a rose bush to draw love and affection into the home.

-Plant mint or basil to attract prosperity and abundance.

Sharpen your kitchen witch skills.

Tips for the beginning kitchen witch.

The cottage witch often evolves from a kitchen witch practice, expanding into a full household practice.

In many ways, the kitchen is the center of a cottage witch’s Craft.

No need to be a gourmet chef.  Nearly any recipe can be enhanced and used for its magical properties.

Start with a family recipe handed down to you.  Research the metaphysical meanings in each of the key ingredients and see if you can translate it into your spell work.

Make your bathroom a center of sacredness.

To the cottage witch, every corner of the home is a place of spiritual retreat—even the bathroom!

Many practitioners consider the ritual bath a way to reclaim their inner strength.  Some even say it increases their magical potency in rituals.

Fully embrace sacred bath rituals as part of your practice.

At least once a month, perhaps during the full or new moon, make a point to create a bath of indulgence and rejuvenation.  Light candles, play music, anoint the body with essential oil blends and relax.

It’s also a great way to set the tone for a night of lucid dreaming, prepare for a divination session, or clear your personal energy for a moon ritual.

Blessed be.

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