Tools of the Craft: Essential Basics According to Your Path

Do you know the tools of the Craft?  Specifically, your Craft? 

Not all witches work with tools.  But if you like them, your tradition probably recommends a few basics.

If you just started down the path of witchcraft, or you find yourself beginning a new journey in a different tradition, get an idea of what you need.  

And even if you choose not to use any tools at all, it helps to know and recognize them to avoid confusion and expand your awareness.

Tools of the Green Witch

As herbs play such an important role in many forms of spell craft, there’s a lot of overlap with green witchery and other forms of magic.

But if you place an especially heavy emphasis on working with magical herbs, natural living and earth-based practices, it’s time to discover the most common items used and referenced in green witch magic.

Tools of the Craft According to Your Path: Essential Tools of the Green Witch.

Tools of the Kitchen Witch

The kitchen witch builds most of her magic around food, recipes and family gatherings.

Kitchen witches consider food a sacred experience, and sometimes the line between a weeknight dinner and ritual magic become . . . well, a little blurry.

Learn her ways by becoming adept at using these basic tools.

Tools of the Craft According to Your Path: Essential Tools of the Kitchen Witch

Tools of the Sea Witch

If you live near a coastline, sea witchery just might be your jam.

Staying connected to nature for you means knowing the tides and immersing yourself in the Element of Water.

Bring the magic of the ocean home with these sea witch basics.

Tools of the Craft According to Your Path: Essential Tools of the Sea Witch

Tools of the Lunar Witch

Like green witchery, moon magic tends to overlap with many other forms of spell craft.

But some practitioner place the lunar cycles at the dead center of their work.

So, if you feel especially drawn to the moon and stay closely connected to its cycles, the following tools of the Craft make a lot of sense for you.

Tools of WItchcraft: Essential Basics of the Moon Magic.

Tools of the Wiccan Witch

While all the above paths are not necessarily religious in nature, Wicca is most distinctly a religion.

Wiccans often use many tools in their practice, but the following tools are of particular importance for most.

Tools of the Wiccan Witch.

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