Sea Witch Spell Ingredients to Bring Home from the Beach

Sea witch spell ideas and magical ingredients to bring home from your next beach trip.

Planning a trip to the beach?  Don’t forget to bring back these sea witch spell ingredients to use in your Craft once you get home. 

Between dodging waves beyond the breakers and feasting on oceanic culinary delights, take some time to walk on the beach and collect a few items for your magical sea witch practice.

Before you go . . .

Pack some containers appropriate for gathering sea-worthy spell ingredients.

Keep your items free of contaminants by using clean glass containers whenever possible..

But if not, BPA-free plastic containers will do.

Also, if you’re flying, make sure you know what you can and cannot bring on the flight home.  International flights in particular banned many seemingly harmless items, and the rules vary from country to country.

1.  Seashells.

Aw, the crown jewels of the ocean.  Seashells pay homage to the life they once contained.

Make the act of collecting them a deeply meditative experience by venturing out around sunrise (for eastern-facing beaches) or sunset (for western-facing beaches).

Take your time to comb through the many shells on the beach and allow special ones to draw you to them.

Just like picking out gemstones.

Once you get home, add them to spell bags for love, calm, peace or serenity.

Or, try making these amazing DIY seashell candles

2.  Ocean water.

Bring back a small jar of ocean water.  It’s the foundation of all sea witch magic.

Then, sprinkle some around the perimeter of your home to invite calm, relaxation and a zen vibe into your living space.

Be sure to use it within a week.  After that, it gets pretty stinky!

3.  Sand.

The space where the ocean meets the land is a sacred place.

Sand symbolizes this joining of two elements:  Earth & Water.

Use your foraged sand in spells to ground a tumultuous romance, deepen practical relationships or center yourself in the midst of chaos.

Or, try adding it as the bottom layer of this sea witch spell jar.

4.  Driftwood.

The journey driftwood took to arrive at the destination you found it represents many miles of unknown wilderness.

Use driftwood in your travel spell bag to promote safe passage and encourage bravery while away from home.

5.  Sea salt.

If you stay in a rental with a kitchen, try making your own sea salt.

I know, I know.  Sea salt is readily available and super cheap at the grocery store.

That’s not the point.

There is something deeply rewarding about getting your spell ingredients from their natural source.

The effort it takes to make it by hand charges it with a special energy.

6.  Seagull feathers.

If sand represents where the ocean meets the land, seagull feathers symbolize where air meets water.

Collect them where you find them.

Use them in spells to encourage prophetic dreaming, lighten emotional loads or overcome grief.

Also makes a beautiful addition to your sea witch altar.

7.  Beach Trash-to-Treasure.

It’s devastating to see pollution and garbage on a natural landscape.

Go ahead and feel the heartbreak of seeing trash on a beautiful beach.

Then do something about it.

Organize a contest with your family to see who can collect the most beach trash in 20 minutes.

But offer a second place:  Who can find the prettiest beach trash?

Sea glass, for example, is actually the result of mother nature making the best of littered glass bottles, and it can be really beautiful!

Throw away the yucky stuff, then make a craft from it to use on your sea witch altar.

Things you should leave at the beach!!!

While lots of the most abundant beach items are find to take, some should be left where they are.

1.  Dune grasses.

Dune grasses are there to prevent erosion.  They can be delicate, and they protect the inland from flooding.

Leave them be!

2.  Anything else that is alive.

This includes coral, plants and other living species.

Unless you’re in an area specifically intended for harvesting certain sea life, leave as little impact on the ecosystem as possible.

3.  Things that are illegal to remove.

There are some beaches that prohibit the removal of common natural items.

Most laws like this target commercial entities.  (For example, they don’t want a contractor to come take 30 tons of sand from a public beach for a construction project).

But some jurisdictions limit even items taken for personal use.

Make sure you know the laws in the area you plan to visit, and respect them.

4.  Your worries.

Visiting the ocean naturally cleanses the spirit.

Allow the wind and tides to take away old worries, fears and pain.

Treat your beach vacation as a healing journey, and bring back only the things that serve you and the world around you.

Blessed be.

Craft-y spell ideas and magical ingredients you can find and bring home from your next beach trip.



  1. I’m excited! The ocean has been calling me for years and I’m going next weekend. Ready to cleanse and connect with the moon and water and everything that comes with it. My spirit needs it and cant wait to do some spells. Thank you.

  2. Under things to leave 5) A sand spell that will bless those who see it. This can be as simple as writing Blessed Be in the sand, putting your intentions into a drawn pattern, building a magical sandcastle, or something more elaborate for the true artists out there. You can also spell things out (pun intended) with pinecones oir stones in the woods. Leave magical public art made out of natural found elements wherever you go!

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