Art Magic: 9 Ways to Use Your Fine Art Skills in Witchcraft

Art magick: blending your fine art skills with the metaphysical arts. Are yoiu an artistic witch? Love photography, painting or sculpting? Check out these awesome, creative ideas and get your magical juices flowing!

Art magic is the blending of fine art skills with the metaphysical practice of witchcraft. Whether you know your way around a painter’s studio or you love to produce amazing photography, put your fine art skills to work in your Craft.

Draw A Spell Mandala

This one is pretty easy. Even if you don’t consider yourself a master drawer, mandalas are pretty accessible for most people with a halfway steady hand.

Choose a purpose for your spell (love, success, ect). Then select appropriate colors for your spell, and symbols or shapes with meaning to you.

The concentration and time required promote your intention.

As a bonus, you might end up with something pretty enough to hang on your wall.

If you feel stumped on where to start, look up “mandalas” on Pinterest

Design Your Own Clay Chalice

If you work well with a potter’s wheel, try designing and making your own chalice. Here is a lovely tutorial on throwing a goblet.

(For those of you without any potter’s experience, “throwing a goblet” does not involve tossing a clay cup against a brick wall).

If you don’t have access to a potter’s wheel, you can also try adorning a regular wine glass with polymer clay, which is available at any craft store.

Use Henna to Create Temporary Ritual Tattoos

For thousands of years, people from cultures around the world adorned themselves with tattoos as a mark of their faith or tradition.

Today, people in modern society continue to use tattoos as an expression of spiritual experience or hopes.

But permanent tattoos are, well . . . permanent.

Henna offers an opportunity to adorn your body with a meaningful symbol that fades completely within a week. For example:

If you have drawing skills, try using henna to create a moon design or symbol on the full moon. Watch it fade as a reminder of the waning moon

Try Spirit Photography

For the skilled photographed, volunteer your abilities to a local paranormal investigation team.

People with solid exposure technique and the ability to capture low light images are always in demand in paranormal circles.

Bonus points if you work in film, which lends itself to more interesting ghost photography due to its analogue processing

Apply Your Calligraphy Skills to Your BOS

If your calligraphy hand produces flowing, gorgeous script, you need to get started on your grimoire or Book of Shadows!

Nothing looks more enchanting than a Book of Shadows embellished with the skills of a practiced calligrapher.

And if you’ve never tried it before, it’s a pretty easy thing to pick up! Might be a nice goal for the new year

Charcoal Drawing for Banishing

Charcoal acts as a banishing ingredient in spell craft. If you use charcoal for drawing, apply this purpose by drawing something you want to remove from your life.

Anything you would normally banish in ritual—a person, a vice, or even a place you want to move away from.

But don’t get too attached! Burn it when you’re done and watch the smoke float away from your life

Create a Mosaic Altar Tile

Mosaics are pretty easy to start with, even if you’ve never done them before.

Let your first project (or your 107th) be an altar piece! You can create an altar tile using mosaics. Or even an entire altar table! (Check out this simple tutorial for an easy-to-modify project to base yours on)

Try Eco Art

With witchcraft’s emphasis on natural living and respect for the earth, eco art is an idea form of art magic.

It comes in two varieties (or a combination of both).

The first is art made entirely of foraged or natural materials. If you love your natural walks, try collecting some natural materials (like pine cones, bark, flowers to press, ect) and make art from only those materials.

If you’re really a purist, you can try using sap as glue or wild berry juice as paint.

The second form of eco art is made entirely from repurposed materials. The idea is to keep thing that you (or other people) would otherwise throw into the landfill. Use things around your house that you planned to discard.

Or, if you’re not shy about it, check out things people have left curbside. Decorate a discarded wood chair or do some metal work with reclaimed scraps.

Gemstone Jewelry Making

While this sort of bleeds over more into the crafting arena, jewelry making can certainly be elevated to fine art.

If you like working with settings and stones, try using your skills to create a signature set of earrings with your stone of choice, a ritual necklace or even a hair piece.

Keep your intention in mind and design the other elements of your piece around your purpose.

If you love all things witchy, and all things artsy, this is the article for you!  Check out these 9 ideas to get your creative juices flowing and integrate your love of fine art with the Craft.

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  1. I’m 32 years old an artist from India I need ur help to solve some of quest there I need to learn how can I craft unusual with my paintings because some vibrations plays with me all time, this nature helps me to learn about the role of vibrations and frequencies there when I starts my jorny as an artist . But now time everythins changed. It sounds strange but sometimes I can perform telepathy using some of sonic medium. sometimes I can control some eletronic equipments without touching them. But the results is stuck myself and I lost control from my brain 3 times . Because I I don’t knows how can I fully control myself. If it is possible to control myself there in feature I will do all these things without lusing my consciousness. And all these things Is not possible without a teacher. who know things more then I know. I have much more questions and quests If u can hep me or teach me I’ll be very thankfull to u.
    warm regards

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