Mojo Monday: Love and Attraction

Another Monday, another Mojo bag!  If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a mojo bag, check out last Monday’s introduction.

This week, at popular request, we are creating love and attraction mojo bag.


Like the Inner Peace bag, I started by finding a fabric I thought was appropriate.  I chose this pretty rose-print because roses have special symbolism for love and romance.

IMG_8572 IMG_8576

Speaking of roses, I included this hand-dried rose from my early garden harvest a few weeks ago.  If you want a super traditional attraction spell, use a rose given to you by someone on Valentine’s day.

The red rose’s significance as a romance flower dates all the back to classical period of ancient Greece.  The ancient Greeks associated the red rose with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and later, the Romans tied the rose to her counterpart, Venus.


A tiny piece of rose quartz is a perfect addition to a love spell mojo bag.  Rose quartz is known for its warm, loving vibration and its tendency to draw others to us.

In a traditional mojo bag, the bag is like a living thing, it needs to be “fed.”  This can be anything from changing the herbs to sprinkling it with water.

If you’re from a Wiccan tradition, instead of these methods, you might cleanse and charge your stone by leaving it out in the sunlight or the full moonlight for a day/night to “freshen” the energy.

Alternatively, you might periodically add an appropriate love oil, like rose or vanilla.


Finally, mojo bags often include a personal item from the user.  Some root workers spit in the bag.  All respect due to the hoodoo tradition, I’m not big on spit, and anyways, we’re already coloring outside the lines here as far a traditional hoodoo goes.  This is more of “fusion” mojo bag.  So I went with a lock of hair.  Locks of hair have a long tradition in love magic, and can be used in a variety of ways.  This is one of them.

lock of hair

I tied it off with a heart charm, which, of course, symbolizes romantic love and affection.

Did you know this symbol dates back to the 15th century?  This symbol has a long history with Western tradition.  Because spell craft is so linked to symbolism, I always encourage you to study symbols and their root meanings.  It adds depth to your practice.

rose mojo heart charm

I think it came out quite charming.

You see what I did there?  🙂


Next Monday:  Money Mojo

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