10 Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Sacred Space or Home

From time to time, we all need to take a moment to clear negative energy from our homes, sacred spaces and even the car!  Today, we explore some of the many options to harmonize your living space for a more productive, relaxed and emotionally level personal environment.

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When to Clear Negative Energy

Clear negative energy whenever your home, work space or sacred space feels “off,” but especially clear:

-The home after family disputes.

-The bedroom after nightmares or anxiety dreams.

-Your sacred space after a spell gone wrong.

-Your sacred space after communicating with your ancestors or spirits (not necessary negative energy, but still worth clearing).

-Tarot decks or other divination tools between readings.

-Yourself before a ritual, reading or spell casting.

-The bathroom before ritual baths.

-Your desk or work area after work disputes or business arrangements that didn’t go your way.

Of course, an infinite number of other situations arise in life that call for an energy clearing, so use your best judgement.

1.  Water clearing.

Simple, but effective (and practically free!):  fill a small white or clear glass bowl with pure water.

Spring water is great, but moonwater is even better.

Walking clockwise, dip your fingertips in the water and flick the water around the perimeter of the space.  Ideal for “light duty” situations and routine cleansing.

I like to use this method pretty regularly to clear the house during the waning moon.

Perfect for:  Simple, routine energy clearing, altar maintenance and working on a budget.

2.  Salt clearing.

Similar to the above method, but instead of using water, sprinkle salt around the perimeter.  Leave it there for a little while—–the more negativity, the longer.

Then, sweep it up and throw it away.

Perfect for:  Hard-surface spaces.  You can use salt on carpet, of course, but I hate vacuuming, and sometimes salt reacts with dye in carpets.

3.  Music clearing.

I love using music to chase away icky vibes.

Your ideal musical choice depends on the situation.  Soothing, new-agey music works well to even out anger or frayed nerves.

But upbeat swing, hip-hop or classic rock works for other things.  Have you ever been home alone and got the creeps for seemingly no reason?  Bust out your vinyl record player and put on some classic party music.

Perfect for:  Haunted houses, creepy vibes or nervous energy.

4.  Smoke clearing.

Among the most common, ancient and universal methods, smoke clearing involves burning sacred herbs, either in a bundle or on a charcoal disk.

This all-purpose method works well for most uses, but isn’t always practical for people with breathing issues, smoke allergies, houses with small children or spaces where open flames and smoke are not allowed.

Perfect for:  Practitioners who tolerate smoke well and use in spaces where smoke is permitted.

5.  Chanting.

In many religious traditions around the world, people chant to raise vibrations and create an elevated spiritual atmosphere.

One of my favorite examples of this is the Gregorian Chants used in Catholic religious orders.  So peaceful and soothing!

But you need not choose anything fancy.

Simply pick a word (like “clear”), close your eyes and try to relax the mind.  Beginning in a whisper, repeat the word over and over, growing louder with each repetition.

Perfect for:  This is a great method for covens!  Truly a transcendent part of any coven ritual intended to bring harmony and order to the group after disputes or role changes.

Similarly, pagan families sometimes participate in group chants after disruptions in the home to realign their energy.

6.  Essential oils and anointing.

Essential oils clear the energy well in spaces that need a little extra punch.

Anoint all four corners of the space at the highest possible points (in the ceiling corner, for example) or disperse them with an oil diffuser.

Perfect for:  Heavy-duty clearing, spaces where smoke isn’t permitted, angry or unsettled vibes, areas that need harmonization after a major disruption.

7.  Fire cleansing.

Fire cleansing plays a key role in a number of neopagan Sabbats and rituals.

Try using it to clear fire-safe tools (like cauldrons) by passing the ritual tool back and forth quickly through a flame.

Or, write down something you want to clear from your life (person, job, ect) and burn the paper.

If you don’t want apply anything directly to the heat, carve the word “purify” into a white candle and burn it in the space.

Perfect for:  Clearing energy from fire safe tools, or “burning off” intense residual vibes).

8.  Wind chimes.

Hang wind chimes in windows or outdoor spaces to attract positive energy and spirits and to clear away darker vibes.

Some manufacturers even tune wind chimes to certain pitches!

Perfect for:  Outdoor spaces, windows, garden and faerie magick.

9.  Earth cleansing.

Bury tools in fresh earth to clear them between uses.  Let the negative energy drain into the earth, then dig them up.  Make sure to only do this with items that have some resilience in the elements.

Avoid this method for objects that may rust, or tools that biodegrade rapidly (like wood tools, paper, ect.)

Perfect for:  Gemstones, sturdy glassware and things that need to be “grounded.”

10.  Breath cleansing.

Deep breathing clears the mind and the aura.

Try this:  brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly.  Then sit in a quiet space.

Inhale for a count of 5; exhale for a count of six.

Imagine inhaling a soothing color and blowing negative energy out and away on the exhale.

Do this repeatedly until a sense of calm settles over you and the area around you.

Perfect for:  Cleansing the self, travel spaces (like a hotel room), releasing anxiety and to let go of jitters.

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