Your Sea Witch Altar: Designing & Maintaining Space For the Element of Water in Your Life

Keeping a sea witch altar helps to deepen your connection with the Element of Water, “go with the flow” and honor the changing tides in your life.  Check out the article below for ideas to design yours!

(By the way, do you want to get an in-depth crash course in sea witchery?  Check out Moody Moon’s online course, Introduction to Ocean Magic)

What is a sea witch?

If the term “sea witch” sounds completely new to you, I recommend exploring Moody Moon’s archives for the term “sea witch” to get a better feel for the art.

But generally, a sea witch is anyone who works with the ocean or the Element of Water specifically as a part of their spell craft.

Sea witchery incorporates easily into any existing practice, so no matter your path, if you feel drawn to the ocean, the Element of Water or beach life, adding this aspect to your craft makes perfect sense!

You need not live near the sea to practice this form of witchcraft, or even practice it year-round.

Personally, I think of myself more as a seasonal sea witch.  I find sea magick especially soothing and appropriate during the late spring, summer and early autumn.

But those months also provide the most accommodating weather in my region, so that helps!

As the summer months begin to roll in, I always set aside space in my home to pay homage to the ocean and the Element of Water.  Currently, it looks like this:

Sea witch altar for water magick and spells.

Create a sea witch altar to connect with the Element of Water and your inner aquamarine goddess.

Water sign witchcraft.

Magick for water signs, scorpio, cancer, pisces.

Gathering Materials for Your Altar

Say you live 1,000 miles from the nearest beach.  We call you a “land-locked” sea witch, and we excuse you from actually journeying to the ocean to get your sea witch tools.

Craft stores supply many natural, sea-related items for you to use.

However, if you live within a few hundred miles of the coastline, an annual “pilgrimage” to the shorelines probably already found a place on your calendar a long time ago.

So make the most of your trip there and gather what you need.  Collect things like:

-a jar of ocean water

-seagull feathers

-sea shells


-dried seaweed

-sea glass

-loose sand


-pressed palm leaves

-dried coconut

-sea salt (go the extra mile and make your own)

If you like souvenir shops and whatnot, mermaid statues (especially on the East Coast of the United States) almost always dot the shelves of the local tourist shacks and they make lovely statuary.

Make It Magical

So what’s the difference between a sea altar and a collection of ocean-related items on a table?

You and your intentions!

Consider the following ideas to infuse your altar with your magical intentions.

-Sprinkle ocean water lightly over your altar to “refresh” the ocean energy

-burn coconut incense to raise tropical vibrations

-play “Sounds of the Ocean” soundtracks and meditate near your altar

-use (naturally) colored sand in your sea spells to match your intention

-(if you’re a water sign) honor your zodiac sign with symbols that represent your stars

Dedication & Deities

If your tradition includes honoring gods or goddesses for whom the ocean holds sacred power or symbolism, lucky you!

Wikipedia has an extensive list of ocean gods.  Nearly every oceanic civilization in the world at one time recognized some form of sea deity, so chances are, your ancestors did, too!

If you feel so moved, place a piece of statuary or an appropriate traditional offering on your sea altar to the sea deities in your pantheon.

Maintaining Your Sea Altar

Keep your altar free from unrelated items (no setting your coffee cup on it, please!).

Periodically rearrange the items to refresh the energy and keep your sacred space from “going stale.”

Finally, remember that no altar needs to be permanent.  If you feel the Element of Water taking over you practice, change things up and focus on something else for a while.

Blessed be.

Sea witch altar for ocean witchcraft and working with the Element of Water.


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