9 DIY Witchy Yule Gift Ideas

This year, get a jump start on Winter Solstice crafting with these 9 DIY witchy Yule gift ideas to make for your friends, coven members or like-minded family.

Handmade gifts impart your personal energy, spreading love and good vibes wherever they land.

You need not spend a ton of money on your Yule gift list this year.  Most of these scrappy projects can be modified to make the most of what you already have.

Whether your skills are in the kitchen or the sewing room, there’s something on this list in your wheel house.

Heat Activated Spell Sachets

Upgrade your stocking stuffers with these heat-activated spell sachets.

From choosing spell-specific fabrics and shapes to stuffing your sachets with appropriate herbs and oils, customize these little beauties for everyone on your witchy gift list.

Intrigued?  Find instructions on how to make heat-activated spell sachets here.

Cold Moon Cedar & Peppermint Ritual Bath Salts

Cold Moon rDIY ritual bath salts. Celebrate a winter Esbat, or give it a way for Yule.

Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of a hot bath drawn on a cold winter night.

Make your loved one’s bath time a luxurious indulgence with some handmade, cold moon bath salts.

This simple yet classic handmade gift can be upsized into a large batch if you want to make it your signature gift this year.

Find instructions on how to make cold moon bath salts here.

Moon Soap

Lunar soap melt-and-pour easy diy moon soap. Love this mold!

These artful lunar soaps make a lovely addition to a moon-themed gift basket for the celestial goddess in your life.

Add some bath salts, a bottle of homemade body oil and a couple of candles.


Find the instructions on how to make lunar bath salts here.

Triple Moon Pillows

Make these adorable triple moon decorative pillows and enchant your home with a little witchy magic.

Super cute for a dorm-dwelling college kid or apartment witch, these clever triple moon pillows brighten any small corner.

You don’t need to be a master seamstress to whip these out!  This is an hour project.  You might even have time to make a set for yourself!

Find the instructions on how to make triple moon pillows here.

Winter Solstice Chai Spice Cookies

chai spice latte cookies

Give the gift of edible magic with these Winter Solstice chai spice cookies.

Made with ingredients chosen especially for their association with the season of Yule, add them to a small basket with some chai tea or even a bottle of white chocolate liquor.


Find the instructions on how to make Winter Solstice chai spice cookies here.

Peppermint Lavender Dream Salve

Say sweet dreams to your sweetest friend with this decadent lavender & peppermint dream salve.

With simple, natural ingredients and a relaxing, dream-inducing aroma, a little goes a long way!

One tin is enough to keep your gift receiver dreaming peacefully all winter long.

Find instructions on how make dream salve here.

Customized Witch Bottles

Witch bottles: The Art of Magic in a Jar

Do you have a witchy friend with big New Year’s ambitions?

Put some wind in her sails with a custom witch bottle designed especially for her big dreams.

Make one to further her job prospects, attract a new love or jump start her weight loss goals.

Find instructions on how to make witch bottles here.

Book of Shadows with Spell Pages

Creative ideas for a book of shadows, grimoire, or personal spell book. Super fun and cute!

Try this creative project.

Buy a beautiful blank book for a friend, and fill in the first few pages with custom spells, Sabbat recipes or Craft-y illustrations.

Then, leave the rest to her!  

Need some ideas?  Check out this post on 50 writing prompts for a Book of Shadows.

Wrap it up.

Living close to the earth means taking a holistic approach to respect for the environment.

Honor this commitment during your yule gift-giving with earth-friendly wrapping practices.

Most likely, you already own plenty of stuff to create a 5-star wrapping job.  Brown paper bags from the grocery store, old Christmas decorations, and natural items from your seashell collection or evergreens in your backyard all make gift wrap extra special without generating excess waste.

Get more eco-conscious wrapping ideas here.

9 Clever Witchy Yule Gift Ideas

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