Winter Witchcraft: 3 Cold Weather Spell Ideas

Winter Witchcraft: 4 Cold Weather Spell Ideas

Winter witchcraft harnesses the season of darkness to empower magic.

Use ice, snow and the hearth fire for ritual potency in the frosty air with these clever cold-weather spell ideas.

Snow Ball Anger Releasing Spell

We all experience anger from time to time.  It’s not always a bad thing.  Sometimes, we find productive ways to use this anger.

For example, anger at injustice moves us to action that often leads to positive change.

However, more often than not, anger becomes toxic over time.  Use this spell to release your anger and focus the energy on productive outcomes.

Step 1

During the first snow of the winter, bundle up and venture outside.  Find a quiet spot in the woods or somewhere away from distractions.

Gather snow and form a snow ball about the size of a baseball.  

Place the snowball in your freezer. 

Step 2

Whenever you feel your anger rising, think “I don’t need to harbor my anger to use its power.”  

Then, imagine sending your anger to your snowball in the freezer.  

Use whatever imagery you like.  I often imagine it as a black or red vapor condensing on the ball like dew drops.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 as many times as you need to.  This may take days, weeks or even months.  It doesn’t matter.  The more you repeat it, the stronger the effects.

Once your snowball feels saturated with emotion, take it outside.

Step 4

Find a hard, but natural surface.  A slab of rock or frozen ground works well.

Hold the snowball.  Close your eyes, and imagine it throbbing with energy.  Then, choose where you want to direct that energy.  Pick something that requires a lot of energy and focus—like a new workout regimen or pushing past a plateau in a new skill.

Imagine yourself improving in leaps and bounds.  Bring this visualization to a crescendo.

Then, toss the snowball against the hard surface and watch it explode.  Commit to redirecting your anger towards something constructive.

Walk away and don’t look back.

Hearth Fire Heart-Healing Spell

Winter witchcraft often centers around the hearth fire, which provides warmth, light and hope in the months of darkness.

Use this energy to sooth a hurting soul. 

You Will Need:

-Empty toilet paper roll

-tablespoon (affiliate link —->) dried lavender 

-tablespoon (affiliate link —->) dried chamomile (you can also empty out a bag of chamomile tea bag)

unscented old candle stubs/leftover candle wax (preferably natural wax, like beeswax)

-dryer lint

Step 1

Melt wax in microwave on a low power setting.  

(If you use wax from an old tea or jar candle, make sure to remove the metal wick base before putting it in the microwave!!!!)’

Alternatively, you can melt it in a double-boiler.  Either way, don’t leave it unattended.

Step 2

Place toilet paper roll on its end on a cookie sheet.  Stuff 1/3 of the way with lint.  Pour some melted wax onto the lint (enough to lightly saturate it).

Allow it to cool, then flip it over.  Fill the middle portion with dried lavender and chamomile.  Finish the last 3rd off by stuffing in more lint and pouring a little wax in.

Allow to cool.

Step 3

Prepare your hearth fire.  If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, you can do this with an outdoor bonfire as well.

(This spell is an especially nice as a way to honor the full moon).

Place the herbal fire-starter at the base of your kindling.  Take a moment to visualize the source of your grief.  Allow it to wash over you without resisting it or trying to control it.  

Step 4

Using a lighter with a long handle or a long matchstick, ignite your fire starter.

Gently exhale on it until the embers glow, visualizing your exhaled breath as a release of your grief or pain.

As the fire begins to burn, feel its warmth washing over you.  Imagine it penetrating deeply into your heart center, soothing the ache and warming away any coldness or chill there.

Watch the smoke rise, and imagine it carrying your pain with it.  Visualize it rising up, up, up and away.

Blessed be.

Over Night Ice Spell to “Freeze” Gossip

The frozen element of water plays a key role in winter witchcraft.

Use ice to “freeze” toxic gossip in the workplace, at school and in your social sphere.

You Will Need:

-photo or symbol of the person spreading toxic gossip

-a reflective metal container with a lid (like a coffee can)

-tablespoon of (affiliate link —->) cloves

Step 1

Wait for a night when temperatures are expected to hit freezing or below. 

Place the cloves and your photo or symbol of the gossip into the container.  Top it off with spring water (or use moon water for an extra punch).

Imagine that when the person in question engages in gossiping behavior, the reflective surface your container turns his or her toxic energy back on them.

Step 2

Leave the container outdoors overnight to freeze.  Throughout that evening, imagine the gossip’s harmful actions are “paralyzed” or “frozen” in the ice.

Place it in your freezer, and go about your business.

Once it appears the toxic gossip subsided, dispose of the spell ingredients in a dumpster or trash can far away from your home.

Walk away and don’t look back.

Winter Witchcraft: 3 Cold-Weather Spell Ideas


  1. I love the Hearth Fire Heart-Healing Spell and can’t wait to try it outside in our firepit. We can all use some heart-healing this year. Blessings.

  2. It is so sad that i live in subtropical area where winter is only at most 10 degree Celcius cold. Ice and snow only available in fridge lol

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