Cold Moon Cedar & Peppermint Ritual Bath Salts

Cold Moon rDIY ritual bath salts. Celebrate a winter Esbat, or give it a way for Yule.

Make these cedar & peppermint bath salts during the Cold Moon to use during a ritual bath or to give away at Yule.

Sometimes called The Moon Before Yule, the Cold Moon embodies inward reflection, quiet stillness and the light of hope as the coldest season of the year approaches.

Add cedar and peppermint bath salts to your ritual bath and steep yourself in the snowy, meditative silence of the Winter Solstice moon.

Cedar, Peppermint & the Winter Solstice

Cedar wood comes from over a dozen kinds of trees in many parts of the world.  

All cedars fall in the evergreen family.  As the name implies, evergreens keep their deep, bluish-emerald color even when all else is brown and gray. 

Their persistent color splashes an otherwise barren landscape, reminding us life springs eternal even at the darkest hour of the year.

Peppermint’s cooling sensation symbolizes the sharp chill of winter.  

Among many other metaphysical properties, peppermint refreshes the mind and heightens psychic awareness.

This makes it an ideal choice for inclusion in your winter self-care routine.

Winter is an especially crucial time for divination and introspection.  Use the long days and time spent indoors to deepen your sacred knowledge of divination. 

Peppermint aids in these pursuits beautifully.

When to Use Cold Moon Ritual Bath Salts

Ritual Hot Foot Soak for the Winter Solstice or Cold Moon

Make a small batch for single use, or triple it and use it all winter long.  Here are some ideas:

-Put them in fancy glass apothecary jars (try looking for them on a witchy shopping trip to the thrift store) and then give them away at Yule.

-Add them to your ritual bath for all the winter moons (Cold Moon, Wolf Moon, Snow Moon).

-Scatter them around the perimeter of your home as a blessing.

-Add them to a hot foot soak after a winter nature walk.  This feels especially indulgent on tired, worn-out feet!

Please note:  Even natural essential oils can provoke allergic reactions.  Know your body, and always use self-care products with caution.


(This section contains affiliate links.  It’s really more for your convenience, but you can read about this practice to your heart’s content on Moody Moon’s disclosure page).

-2 cups sea salt or Epsom’s salt

-14 drops cedarwood essential oil

-6 drops peppermint essential oil

-Optional:  For dry skin, include 1-2 tablespoons high quality olive oil


Add sea or Epsom’s salt to a large mixing bowl.  Break up any chunks or clumps.

One drop at a time, add cedarwood essential oil, allowing each drop to plop on a different spot (this helps avoid too high a concentration in any one area).

Then, add peppermint essential oil in the same way.

Mix thoroughly with a wood spoon or fork.

Divide into decorative jars or small canning jars.

Be sure to clean bowl and utensils thoroughly.  Especially if they came from the kitchen and you intend to put them back there.  Essential oils should never be consumed unless prescribed by a qualified holistic healthcare professional.

Cold moon ritual bath salts. Make a batch this coming Cold Moon and store them for Winter Esbats, or to give away at Yule.

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