Apartment Magic: Practicing Witchcraft in Small Spaces

Living in the city as an urban witch?  If you live in an apartment, practicing the Craft presents some unique challenges.

From limited work space to limited green space, navigating the world of urban magic requires a little tenacity.

So, let’s take a look at some creative ways to make the most of magical city life!  

Fall in love with mini altars.


When you live in a small apartment, you quickly learn that table surfaces are prime real estate.

If you lack the space for a grand, full-scale, try creating a mini altar.

Pick out a nice box that slides easily under the bed.  

Or, downsize to a travel altar, and make your practice portable!

Get creative about spending time in nature.

Even apartments in the most densely populated concrete jungles offer opportunities to experience nature.

Ask your building manager if you can get rooftop access.  Bring a blanket, and lie under the stars or try cloud scrying.

Make sure you know where the best local parks are, take a walk in the zoo or make a point of taking a road trip once a month to the countryside.

Got a bathtub?  You’ve got ritual, baby.

New constructions lean more and more towards shower-only bathrooms.  If got a bathtub with your apartment, you got lucky!

Make the most of this temple to the Element of Water by creating and indulging in a regular ritual baths.

Bring home flowers from the open-air markets in the summer time, or steep yourself in a cocktail of strong herbs in the winter.


Bless that front door.

Because apartments generally share corridors with other residents, the air around your front door blows wild with a chaotic combination of the personal energy of your neighbors.

Take time to clear negative energy around your door.

Make a magical corner.

With limited square footage, devoting an entire room to a ritual or sacred space usually isn’t realistic.

But if you’ve got a corner, that’s enough!  Fill it with pillows, hang some lanterns overhead or Command Strip some sacred art on the wall for a ritual-worthy retreat.

Take advantage of your balcony.

If you’re just getting started with magical herbalism, you might find yourself bemoaning the lack of a yard to grow things in.

But with a little creativity, an apartment balcony makes a great space for growing herbs.

Experiment with window boxes, or try a vertical garden to make the most of outdoor wall space.  

Try smokeless smudging.

Nowadays, apartment life generally means taking smoke outside.

Avoid a costly fine or the loss of your security deposit by trying smoke-free smudge options.

Train an apartment-friendly familiar.

If you live in an apartment with a ban on four-legged pets, ask your landlord if you can keep a less traditional animal.

Fish, birds, even hermit crabs make interesting familiars.

Get to know your pet on a spiritual level by taking the time to connect with your animal’s energy.

Pick up some headphones.

Noise complaints rank high on the list of apartment woes.

Spare yourself the drama and pick up a pair of headphones to listen to guided meditations or relaxation rituals.

Your roommates will thank you.

Experiment with window magic.

Apartments generally lack floor space, but most offer a window or two.

Use yours in your magical practice.

In elemental magic, your windows symbolize the Element of Air.

Hang a witch ball, wind chimes or stain glass art in your favorite window to attract positive vibes and repel icky ones.  

Get high.

No, not like that.

Go up.  

Use your vertical space to your advantage.  Even the space over a door makes a useful place to hang charms or crystals.

Hang lavender over your bed to promote positive dream work, use extra tall shelves for your witchy library and pick up some apartment-friendly wall hooks for drying herbs out of the way.

Some practical tips for practicing witchcraft in a small apartment.


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