10 Ways to Use Coffee in Witchcraft

From ancient Sufi mystics to the sacred rituals of Ethiopia, coffee long ago took its place in religious rites around the world.

Check out the ideas below for some inspiring ways to include coffee in your witchcraft or pagan practice.

Whether you need to clear emotional blockages, draw fresh creative ideas or generate motivational energy for an important project in school or at work, coffee offers some surprising metaphysical benefits!

How to use coffee in witchcraft magick spells.

Try coffee scrying.

Double or triple brew a dark blend and pour it in a black mug.  Take it to a quiet, dark space and light a candle.  Look into the “black mirror” (the surface of the liquid) and allow your eyes to lose focus.

What do you see?

“Speed up” a spell.

Got a spell that’s lagging behind your timetable?  Sprinkle coffee grounds on the altar to “speed up” your intentions and get things done faster.  Periodically clear the grounds and sprinkle fresh ones.   Repeat as often as necessary until things begin to move along.

Open your throat chakra.

Can got your tongue?  Do you want to speak up in meetings, but you never bring yourself to open your mouth?  Maybe you recently hit the dating scene and find yourself enduring a lot of awkward silences at dinner.  If you constantly struggle to come up with the right words to express yourself, keep a bottle of coffee near your dressing area and anoint your throat chakra before events that require your eloquence.


Place a sachet of strong coffee beans in your meditation space for heightened concentration and deeper focus.  There’s lots of potential for creativity here.  You can put it in a pretty jar and poke holes in the lid, or even create a “zen garden” but use coffee grounds instead of sand.  Also great for a mind/body exercise practice.

Clear blockages.

Use coffee in spells or rituals to clear mental and spiritual blockages. If you find yourself repeating the same emotional patterns over and over, or you can’t seem to get beyond a certain set of circumstances or way of thinking, include coffee in your rituals to liberate your personal energy and free up more “flow” in your life.

Push past a plateau.

Can’t seem to push past a plateau while working towards a goal?  Boil a strong pot and anoint your temples and heart center.  Then give it all you’ve got!  Perfect for fitness goals, education/career ambitions or relationship objectives.

Use it in creativity spells.

Whether you suffer from writer’s block or can’t seem to figure out how to best way to edit a client’s photos (been there!), include coffee in creative spells to spark inspiration.  If it’s practical, try cleansing your creative tools (pen, paint brush, potter’s wheel, whatever) with an infusion of coffee and bay leaf, then leave them to dry outside to absorb the sun’s creative energy.

Add it to weight loss spells.

Trying to lose weight?  Add a few beans to a mojo or spell bag along with a piece of garnet and some dried mint leaves to help control cravings.  If you find your willpower waning, carry it with you.  Inhale it as needed to calm the mind and reset your intentions.

Cleanse your tarot deck.

Place coffee beans inside the box or bag where you keep your tarot cards as an alternative to sage for keeping your deck clear of negative energy and ready to be used for your next reading.

Work harder.

If you feel yourself slacking at work lately, but can’t seem to get motivated, place a sachet with coffee grounds and a few drops of nutmeg essential oil near the southern corner of your desk to get your gears moving again.


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  1. Amazing! Coffee and wicca are two of my favorite things in the world. Why haven’t I ever thought of scrying with coffee? Thank you so much for the idea. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Is there a ritual using, coffee grounds & sugar
    And adding a love note, to bring your spouse back.?

    1. I would write a petition, annoint it with coffee grounds to speed up the process and sugar to sweeten the relationship.

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