Hex and The City: Ideas for the Urban Witch

Are you an urban witch?  From foraging for exotic incense at international markets to escaping the chaos with a meditation session in a historic temple, the city is full of opportunities to expand your magical practice.

Practicing a nature-based religion in the concrete maze requires some ingenuity.

But the urban landscape also offers some truly enchanted experiences. 

Learn to connect to the pulse-racing energy of the city and still find your chill.

Make your apartment a sacred space.

If you live downtown in a densely populated neighborhood, chances are, your living space is a tight squeeze.

Make the most of your tiny haven by turning your apartment into a sacred space.

From window boxes for your herb garden to mini altars tucked in tiny places, transform even the smallest flat into a palace of peace.

Discover your city’s haunted spaces.

Tucked away in the dark corners of every city lurks a rich history of magic.

Ask your librarian or historical society about the legends and lore unique to your area.  Knowledge of old burial grounds, haunted spaces and legends are the jumping off point for some fascinating urban witch adventures.

Most larger cities also offer ghost tours.  If yours doesn’t, look for a ghost hunting group or try organizing one yourself.

Find a temple.

While some people find the sounds of the city soothing (I do!), others need more quiet spaces for meditation and thought.

Most temples and churches welcome visitors.  Try finding one that encourages meditation and go regularly to settle your mind and recenter.

If going to a Christian church or temple of another culture makes you uncomfortable, try looking for a Unitarian Universalist congregation, which openly welcomes pagans and witches.

Either way, do the courteous thing and leave a little donation.  You can usually specify where you want your money to go.  Do some research and pick a project that the congregation participates in and that you believe in —-homelessness, social justice or religious freedom are all great causes.

Check out the international markets.

You are probably surrounded by specialty markets from around the world. 

Look for statuary, meditation pillows, inexpensive herbs and oils, incense and incense burners.

In addition to finding something unique, you support local business and may even get to know some of the dealers.

Search for festivals and events.

Country dwellers get access to nature, but the urban witch gets access to culture.

Take advantage of this incredible privilege and stay on top of local witchy events.

In a larger city, a quick search for “your city + witchcraft” likely turns up dozens of workshops, events and occult shops.

Even if you can’t find something that specifically caters to witches, try exploring events for crystal enthusiasts, Reiki practitioners, or even astrologers.

Commit to finding one new event to attend a month.  

Cut energetic disruptions with crystals.

Power lines, massive electrical grids, cell phone towers and the buzz of thousands of people powering their lives with electricity disrupts energy flow.

Consider experimenting with sodalite, raw emerald, rose quartz and other crystals that reduce the impacts of energetic interference.  

Even one or two near your laptop restores calm and quiets the hum of fried nerves.

Looking for nature?  Look up.

Green spaces come at a premium in most cities, but to find a little nature, all you need do is look up.

Sadly, smog and light pollution make viewing the stars difficult.

But the moon and sun cut through even the smokiest sky. 

Stay closer to nature by connecting deeply with the moon or exploring solar magic.

Get to know your Tarot.

In city life, a deck of tarot cards makes a great companion.

Lightweight and portable, getting to know your tarot deck pays off especially big for the urban witch.

Particularly if you live without a car and need to carry everything you transport by hand.

If your jurisdiction allows it, bring them to public space and read for some quick cash on the weekends.   And if there are rules against setting up shop on a street corner, try renting a booth at a local open-air market.

Or, just toss your deck in a backpack and take them to a party on a Friday night.  Offer some free readings and you’ll build a clientele very quickly, or at least make some new friends.  Tarot cuts through small talk and breaks ice like a sledgehammer.

Become a gourmet kitchen witch.

With access to international restaurants, unique food festivals and exotic herbs imported directly from the source, living in the city presents a some truly rich opportunities for the budding kitchen witch.

Take some cooking classes, explore well-rated local restaurants and taste everything.

Before you know it, you will develop your own unique style of magical food.

Day trip yourself into the wild at least once a month.

Quiet natural settings are scarce in big cities, but usually not far outside them. 

Get some like-minded friends together and take day trip to a nearby outdoor attraction regularly.

Immersion in nature, even in small doses, not only supports your magical practice.  It also offers many mental health benefits.

Pack a picnic, and head to the mountains, the countryside or the beach.

Don’t forget your tarot cards.  🙂

Blessed be.

Are you an urban witch?  From foraging for exotic incense at the international markets to escaping the chaos with a meditation session in a historic temple, the city is full of opportunities to expand your magical practice.


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