10 Ways to Use Thyme in Witchcraft

Thyme weaved its viny way into the world of Mediterranean paganism thousands of years ago.  Growing wild with delicate leaves and fragrant tendrils, the ancient adorned their temples, homes and even their hair with this richly aromatic herb.  Looking for a way to bring it into your magical practice? 

Check out the article below for a few creative ideas.

Be Brave.

Greek soldiers steeped thyme in their bathwater to enhance courage.  In terms of spell work, it’s perfect for a ritual bath prior to spells for boldness and confidence. Add it to your soak before an event you feel nervous about—anything from public speaking to military deployment.

Ease your grief.

If you’ve experienced a major tragedy or loss of a close loved one, once your deepest phase of mourning has passed, hang sage bundles over the windows and doors.  Then open them and “air out” the heaviness of grieving from your home.  Once you’ve “cleared the air” bury the used thyme near the roots of a strong tree and remember your own strength.

Let go of the past.

Use time in spells to transition to a new phase of life or leave the past behind.  Place dry thyme in a box with symbols of the part of your past you want to let go of (photos, mementos, ect) and leave it there.  When you are ready, burn the box and scatter the ashes over a body of water.  Particularly appropriate for personal resolutions like quitting smoking or leaving a job.

Honor the dead.

Include thyme in a funerary bouquet or (if appropriate) toss it on the casket just before burial to aid the spirit’s transition from one world to the next.  Alternatively, consider serving thyme tea to mourners or drink it yourself during your mourning period.

Include it on your sea witch altar.

Thyme’s association with the Element of Water makes it an ideal addition to a sea witch altar.  “Refresh” the water vibes in your sea-witchy sacred space with a new clipping of thyme from the garden.

Chase out bad vibes.

Ancient Mediterranean cultures used thyme to “fumigate” their homes and temples.  Burn dried thyme in the family home after arguments to help settle disputes, clear negative emotional energy and rebalance domestic relationships.

Find lost objects.

European pagan traditions claim that faeries love thyme.  According to legend, they also love to make your things disappear just when you need them.  Fortunately, when asked nicely, they usually don’t mind bringing them back!  On the night of the full moon, leave an offering of fresh thyme and honey in the woods with a request that the fairies aid your search for something lost.

Enchant your summer moon ritual.

See above.  Add thyme to your summer Esbat or Litha, when woodland spirits or faeries are said to be most active, to enchant your circle with a sparkly, mystical vibe.  Burn it in the cauldron, anoint your tools with thyme essential oil or simply adorn your altar with a few strands at the base of a candle.

Attract prosperity.

Plant time in your garden to attract prosperity.  At the beginning of the waxing moon, place several coins or a dollar bill with the root ball and bury it near a sunny spot in your yard.  Tend to the plant as you would a good investment and watch it grow!

Wear it.

Want to feel like a goddess?  Anoint your wrists with thyme essential oil to embody a “fairy-like” quality or enhance your beauty.  Lovely for Beltane, before a date night or a photo shoot.




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  1. Great list! I planted some thyme in my garden this year, along with a host of other herbs and flowers. I’m looking forward to using it in spells and cooking in the future!

  2. Cool! I use thyme a lot in my cooking. I’ve been trying to work on ways to incorporate my garden to my craft other than helping things grow. Love it!

  3. It’s interesting to know that using them can be helpful to leave the past behind just like quitting smoking or leaving a job. I guess this can help my sister to move on from her toxic relationship in the past. She should find a witchcraft coach to teach her this so that she can finally be free and even use the skill for other things she will face in the future.

  4. I live in an apartment complex that have garden beds for residents. Every year I plant herbs and vegetables, but this year someone is taking my whole thyme plant, three different times I planted thyme and someone takes the whole thing. What can they do with stolen thyme?

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