Faerie Magick for People Who Don’t Believe in Faeries

Enlivening European folklore and magic for centuries, the mythical creatures known as faeries (or “the fae” or fairies) continue to endure as a charming motif of modern magic.

But if you find yourself raising a skeptical eyebrow at the idea of little people populating the people-less lands of remote forests and receding rainbows, you’re not alone.

Indeed, while there is no universal truth for every witch, most modern practitioners use the term “fairy” as a metaphor for the kind of playful magic associated with children, the woodlands and spring/summer seasons.

You need not believe in literal tiny beings enchanting the forests and the hills to work with faeries in magic.

Read on for some creative ideas to incorporate this sprightly energy in your modern magical practice.

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Faerie Magic:  Correspondences and Associations

Like everything else in witchcraft, defining faerie magic really comes down to your personal interpretation.

So to get a gist of the energy of faerie magic, I compiled a list of things and ideas associated with the fae:





*Gardens and woodland areas.

*Finding lost objects.

*Spring/summer rites.

*Wishing magic.


*Sparkler firecrackers.


*Shooting stars.

*Miniature cakes, pastries and tea cups.

*The Star card of the Tarot.

Using these concepts, here are some practical ways to include the metaphorical “fae” in your magical practice.

Try firefly magic.

Of all the earth’s creatures, none so embodies the magical energy of faeries as the firefly.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region where fireflies light the summer skies, catch one on your finger.

Make a wish, then gently blow on him as you would blow on birthday candles and send your dreams off into the night.

Simple, natural and beautiful.

Let the kids wear fairie wings.

Or, you can wear them.  If you’re, you know, that kind of pagan lol.

You can pick up fairy wings at the dollar store, online or any costume store.

Get a pair for your child to wear during circle.

Or, for the super crafty, find a pattern for them and make your own.  This is a lovely, screen-free craft to do with kids who are bored and out of school for the year!

Play with glitter.

Glitter makes everything instantly shimmer with magic and mystery.

Unfortunately, it isn’t very earth-friendly.  Microplastics like glitter pose an especially toxic threat to waterways and wildlife.

The good news is, biodegradable glitter is a thing now!   It has become one of my favorite ritual items, especially for rituals held outdoors in the spring and summer.

Use it as “faerie dust” when casting spells outside.  Try it.  It makes everything instantly magical!

Make honey cakes.

Legend holds that honey is the food of faeries.

Consider making honey cakes for your summer solstice or Litha ritual and leaving some in the woodlands as an offering to faeries.  Ask them to touch your summer season with wonder and magic.

Honey cakes also work as an appropriate cake for the Cakes & Ale portion of spring and summer rites, or any ritual that includes the mystical energy of faeries.

Use faerie lights in your ritual space

Upcycle old white Christmas lights by using them near your altar or ritual space when working with the faeries.

You need not string them up like they’re hanging in a college dormitory.

There are so many creative takes on this!  One of my favorite?  Try DIYing your own flameless fire pit!

Ask for help in finding a lost object.

Can’t find your keys?  Misplaced your favorite shirt?  Has your child’s favorite stuffed animal disappeared?

Leave an offering of honey at the edge of the nearest woodlands and ask the faeries to help you find it.

This is especially fun and empowering for kids.  Speaking of which:

Include your children in your next moon ritual.

Small children, with their cherub cheeks and wild imaginations, embody the true essence of faerie magick.

Think about it.  They have no trouble imagining a world where some lady with wings named the Tooth Fairy comes swooping in at night to leave candy and money in exchange for their lost molars.

This fleeting ability to conjure the most impossible things simply by imagining them evaporates completely around middle childhood.  So enjoy it while it lasts!

Consider bringing children into your magical moon circle to infuse it (and them) with the spirit of the fairies.

To get you started, here are 10 Kid Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon.

Create a faerie garden.

Devote a small section of your garden to the fae to bless your spring planting.

Pinterest drips with brilliant ideas for designing and creating faerie gardens.

Here is just one little article on the topic of faerie gardens to get you started.

Mark the circle with lanterns

Lanterns draw woodland spirits to them like moths to a flame.

Try upcycling tin cans and make them into lanterns to mark your next sacred circle.

Or, simply save up glass jam and sauce jars and use them as lanterns for tea lights.

I love the ethereal vibe of a circle marked with lanterns!  Beautiful!

Leave dollhouse furniture on your child’s altar.

Head to the craft store or go thrifting with your child for some dollhouse furniture to leave on his or her altar.

Explain that you’re placing it there to welcome tiny, friendly spirits.

Lovely for a child who suffers from nightmares or a fear of the dark.  Explain that the spirits are there to protect his or her bedroom and make sure he sleeps safely.

Raise power with sparklers.

I love raising power this way in a summer circle.  Take advantage of all those firecracker stands!

Give each participant at your next circle a sparkler.

Light up each person’s “fairy light” to raise power.

Put whatever spin on this idea you like.  Draw symbols in the air with the light trails or scatter everyone to bless the grounds of a new home.

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  1. I’m a Gaelic Polytheists and I leave offerings for the Good People. A word of caution with working with them, even the Seelie Court can be unpredictable to humans. There are truths within the tales and lore, so be very careful. I’m not saying don’t work with them etc just be aware that you don’t want to cross them because they can really mess with humans. I know you are dealing with the positives here but there is a darker side and I wanted to mention that as a word of caution. Faeries can mess with humans just for fun too, and if they feel offended or upset they can mess with people, and sometimes badly. Biggest advice is: always leave an offering especially if you are asking for something, don’t say thank you, never lie, don’t give them your birth name (your birth name will give them power over you), don’t litter especially in wild places, and don’t wear or use iron/metal around them (it repels them, but it will protect you from them). I hope you don’t get upset with my comment. I just want to make sure people stay as safe as possible with the Fae. Have a great day.

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