Hearth & Home: 9 Witchy Ways to Live More Magically

Hearth and Home: How To Create a More Magickal Living Space.

The hearth and home are sacred spaces, both in your magical practice, and in your life.  Attend to your hearth & home’s spiritual energy and  enchant them with sparking, Glenda-the-Good-Witch vibes.

1.  Regularly clear negative energy.

We all argue with loved ones, roommates and spouses.  We all experience bad dreams, bad days, and even bad cooking experiments!

Negative energy is a natural, unavoidable part of life.  No home or relationship blossoms eternally peaceful.

However, if allowed to build up, negative energy creates spiritually toxic living arrangements that sometimes even bleed over into life outside the home.

At least once a month during the waning moon, take some time to clear negative energy.

2.  Maintain a home altar.

You need not devote an entire wall to gaudy ritual paraphernalia in order to maintain an effective household altar.

(That said, you can do this.  I’ve seen it.  It looks fun.)

Even a small shelf or discreetly decorated corner works well.

Regularly burning incense or candles on the altar, changing out the items on it, or otherwise refreshing the energy reminds you to reflect on spiritual life in the home.

3.  Your kitchen is a temple.

The preparation of food is a sacred experience.

Of course, some nights, ordering a Hawaiian pizza and washing it down with a bottle of cold beer is sometimes the only practical way to handle dinner.

But occasionally (particularly during holidays or special events), consider using your kitchen as your casting room.

Not familiar with kitchen witch basics?  Check out this simple guide to getting started as a kitchen witch.

4.  Your bathroom is a temple.

If you’ve never bathed in champagne and sunflowers, it’s time to give that experience a go-around!

The art of ritual baths soothes frayed nerves and cleanses the spirit.

By indulging in a monthly ritual bath, you quickly learn to appreciate the magic and beauty of using even the most utilitarian room in your house as a tool for magical living.

5.  Grow things.

Indoors and out, plant things and make them grow.

Especially magical herbs and plants to use in your practice.

Working the earth around your home connects you powerfully to Element of Earth.  

It also blesses the land around you, teaches you about your local wildlife, and generally makes you a better witch.

If you live in an apartment, try experimenting with a vertical garden, or planting some herbs on your kitchen windowsill.

If you own land, go nuts.  Tear up a space of grass and make a bed for herbs, or learn to grow wildflowers for use in witchcraft.

6.  Make a witchy “broom closet.”

Full disclosure: this one is a fantasy I have for my own home, but never had the space or got around to doing it.

Remember when those closet offices that went viral a few years ago?

Basically, people turn closet space into miniature office space.

Why not do this for an altar room instead?  Clear out a spare closet and turn it into a sacred space.  Hang crystals, set up an altar, store your herbs all fancy.  

Fun, right?

7.  Host a moon circle.

If you have the space in your home, why not use it to host a moon circle?

Hosting a moon circle, ritual or Sabbat event raises the vibration of your home and imparts it with the energy of the participants.

You’ll quickly notice after holding space for events like this, your home’s energy takes on its own life.

Speaking of which . . . 

8.  Honor the Elements.

Try to make space in your home for the four Elements.

Hang wind chimes to welcome air, keep houseplants to honor earth, burn candles for fire and try using an indoor fountain for water.

Maintaining a balance of these forces helps to encourage balance in the home.

9.  Recognize that your hearth & home has a soul.

It may be an old soul, or a young soul. 

It might be a soul with creaky old bones, or a freshly painted soul that coughs ice out of the refrigerator even though no one pressed the button.

Feed this soul.

Hearth and Home: How To Create a More Magickal Living Space.


  1. I enjoyed the article! I was curious if you could make some examples for us that tend to over think the altar spaces if you please? It would be greatly appreciated!

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