Champagne & Citrus Sunshine Ritual Bath (Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft)

This pagan ritual bath combines the solar energy of champagne, citrus fruit and fresh, seasonal flowers to inspire joy and dispel sorrow.

Bust out your bubbly and a spa robe.  Let’s get down to the business of bliss.

Champagne and citrus sun magick pagan wiccan bath ritual.

(Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  You’re welcome to read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s disclosure page. Spoiler alert:  It’s pretty boring.)

When to Use This Ritual

This ritual makes a perfect spell for rainy days, to brighten negative energy or to help ease the spiritual symptoms of grief, depression or sadness.

(It is not intended to address the very real medical symptoms associated with these conditions, which should be handled by a professional.  However, I encourage you to ask your professional medical advisor about incorporating your spiritual practices into a holistic treatment plan.  More and more medical professionals are taking the benefits of mindful spiritual practices seriously).

It’s also really nice to do this bath during any of the summer moons, Esbats or Sabbats (like Litha and Lammas).

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy

I love using seasonal offerings to experience the magical and therapeutic qualities of a fully immersive ritual bath.

Once a month, I set aside some “zen time” to go on a nature walk and gather a few simple elements that compliment each other magically to create an enchanted bath experience.

This year especially, I started thinking about bath rituals in a new way, and began to try all kinds of crazy things in my bathwater.

I even used egg dye in my bath to experiment with color magick around Ostara!

For this bath, I combined several spell items traditionally used in sun magick (citrus fruit, champagne, fresh mint and sunflowers) to infuse the water with joy, happiness and a sense of lightheartedness.

It left me feeling uplifted for days afterwards.

Citrus, champagne and sunflower bath ritual to banish depression or celebrate Lammas.

Key Ingredients

-1 bottle champagne or sparkling wine (or sub sparkling non-alcoholic juice if you prefer)

-citrus fruit (lemons, oranges or nectarines, for example)

-seasonal flowers (I chose sunflowers and black-eyed susans for their cheerful display)

-fresh mint (with stems for easier clean-up)

-10-20 drops orange essential oil

Optional Accessories

-an extra fluffy spa towel


-soft music (obviously, make sure to situate your electronics well away from the bathwater)

Setting the Mood

As with any ritual, set aside some quiet time and minimize interruptions.  Turn off the phone, put a “quiet please” sign on the door and/or schedule a block of time for solitude.

Give the bathroom a good cleaning before you start.  I really helps to brighten the energy.

Consider playing something soothing for background.  I like sounds of nature and other predictably crunchy selections.

But you need not feel limited to the obvious.

If Bruno Mars puts in a feel-good mood, by all means, cue up Uptown Funk.

Step 1

Draw a tub full of bath.  During the summer months, I like a cool water bath.

But hot water intensifies the natural aroma of an herbal bath, so . . . your call.

Step 2

Add orange essential oil.

Step 3

Peel citrus fruit and toss the peel in the bath water.  As for the fruit itself, you can squeeze the juice into the water, or you can eat it.

Again, your call.

Step 4

Add florals and fresh mint.  I recommend not breaking it down, but leaving it in the largest chunks possible.  It makes it waaaaaaay easier to clean up later.

Step 5

Add 1 cup of champagne, sparkling wine or (alternatively) sparking fruit juice.

Step 5

“Enchant” your bathwater.

Experiment with chanting, or stir the bath clockwise 9 times with a wood spoon as you would stir a cauldron.

Or, keep it simple and just state your intent.  “Bless this bathwater for joy and abundance.”

Use whatever method that sparkles your magic wand.

Step 6

Step in, relax and release.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself absorbing light.   Picture liquid light running through your veins, or imagine it flowing like a waterfall over you.  Stay in as long as you like and fully embrace the experience.

Practice deep breathing and try to stay in the moment.

Cleaning up.

I highly recommend you remove the solid matter from the bath before you pull the drain plug.  If you leave debris in the tub, it clogs the drain.

What you do with them once you take them out is up to you.

Some people like to bury all their spell ingredients no matter what.

Or, you can soak them in isopropyl alcohol and then use the infusion as a room spray or for natural cleaning products.

Wait!  What do I do with the rest of the champagne?!

You drink it.  Duh.  🙂

Follow me!


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  1. uhhhh. . . sunflowers?! champagne?! baths?!?!?! this is sooo thoroughly MY JAM!!! and in all seriousness I could do with a ritual to ease depression/grief. thank you so much for this I’m sure I’ll love it but I’d never have thought of it myself x

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