10 Ways to Honor Your Earth Sign

Are you an earth sign?  Born a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn?  Or maybe you just live in your garden?  Perhaps it grew up on a fault line and actually enjoy earthquakes? Get grounded with the ten suggestions below to honor your earth sign.

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How to honor you earth sign.

Get muddy.

Head over to your local spa for a mud bath.  Or, if your budget is tight, try a mud mask at home and literally soak the Element of Earth into your skin.

Visit a destination known for its ecological wonders.

Plan your next vacation around to the earthy magic of place where everything grows.  Ecotourism continues to grow and evolve more responsible, conservative methods for treading lightly and leaving a low impact on delicate environmental systems.  Need some inspiration?  Check out The Green Witch’s Guide to Costa Rica.

Bury your past.

Write a list of regrets and bury them with a clove of garlic to help move on with your life and learn from your mistakes.

Take a seat at the potter’s wheel.

Sensual and hypnotic, the art of “throwing” clay pots soothes and relaxes the mind.  What’s more natural and beautiful than making something useful from literal dirt?

Check out your local community college or recreation center to look for classes near you.

Plan an “earthy” meal night.

Try planning one meal a week with the rule being that all the foods on the table must come from the earth directly.  No animal products or artificial ingredients allowed.  I promise, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling amazing!

Wear natural fabrics.

Natural, plant-based fabrics like cotton, hemp or flax seem to vibrate with terrestrial energy.  Cloak yourself in their magic by wearing clothing made of them as often as possible.

Make something grow.

Even in the darkest winter months (perhaps especially then), growing things makes for a happy earth sign.  Indoors, try succulents or easy potted plants.  Outdoors, go nuts!

Do a garden blessing.

Getting ready to plan your spring garden?  Try prepping your garden with a simple garden blessing to refresh your soul and get in touch with your earthy roots.

Create a living altar.

If you’re into unique altar ideas, try making yours a devotion to the Element of Earth.  Choose indoor plants, mud rocks and stoneware bowls to ground your altar with the sacredness of your sign.

Try herbalism.

If your adventures in the garden often prove wildly successful, or you acquired the skill of gathering medicinal herbs from the wild, you’re a natural candidate for the the study of herbalism.  Find a qualified teacher and explore your gifts!


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