Spell Sachet to Stay Calm During Family Gatherings

Herbal spell sachet to keep your cool and stay calm at family gatherings.

Do you struggle to stay calm (or even just sane) at family gatherings?  With the upcoming holiday season, getting together with loved ones sometimes comes with mixed emotions.  

Of course, you love your family.

But by their very nature, families share complex histories.

From micro-managing mother-in-laws to that one weird, vaguely creepy uncle, we all navigate at least a little discomfort at family events.

This year, consider whipping up a little help from the magical arts with this creative, soul-soothing spell sachet.

Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  Don’t worry.  You probably don’t need to buy anything to make this project work, but I put them in for your convenience just in case.  Feel free to read more about affiliate links on Moody Moon’s disclosure page.

Designing Your Spell Sachet

If you like to sew, I based the design that I used for the above photo on this technique.  I just made it smaller, nixed the zipper and added an om charm instead of a bow gather.

But if that’s looks crazy complicated to you, then you need not go overboard with crafting skills here.

A simple, mojo-size drawstring bag does the trick. 

(I love these hemp drawstring pouches.  Buy a 10-pack and be set for spell bags for the rest of the year!)

What you put inside your bag matters more than what it looks like.

I recommend adding the following herbs.

Pink Roses

While magical practitioners prize red roses for their metaphysical uses in romance and love spells, pink roses work well for softer, more familiar forms of love.

Add dried pink rose buds to this spell sachet to help you focus on why you love your family and not how annoying it is when Aunt Thelma chews with her mouth open at the Thanksgiving table.

Dried Lavender 

A favorite for its calming, tranquil properties, lavender smooths out frayed nerves and lowers irritability.

Add some to this sachet  to stay calm, cool and rational even when your Dad starts ranting about politics again.

Dried Peppermint

Including peppermint in a spell sachet helps to hone focus and maintain mental clarity.

Staying clear-headed in the midst of the chaos that is family “togetherness” goes a long way to maintaining personal order.

Dried Chamomile 

Chamomile creates inner serenity, combats stress and quiets unrest.

Add a pinch from your stash of chamomile tea bags or loose chamomile to simmer down when your emotions reach their boiling point.


Combine all ingredients in a a small bag or sachet.

Add a tablespoon or two of dry, uncooked rice to absorb moisture and keep the sachet fresh.

Charge the sachet using any of the following methods:

-Leave it in the moonlight for 1 night. or 

-Store it wrapped in a cotton or hemp cloth with a calming stone, like sodalite or lapis lazuli or 

-Sleep with it in your pillow case for a one moon cycle.

Using Your Spell Sachet

Carry your spell sachet on your person or keep it near you to stay calm during stressful family situations.

If you need an extra boost, squeeze the spell bag in your hands several times to crush the herbs and release their calming aroma.  Place your nose close to the sachet and inhale deeply.

In the event that you plan to spend the night in your family’s home, sleep with the sachet closely to you to bathe yourself in their calming vibes.

Blessed be.

Calming spell bag to keep your cool at family gatherings.



  1. I’m going to add a bunch of quartz crystals and throw it at people that stress me out during the holiday season. I kid, I kid. Haha! Lovely ideas as always.

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