DIY Sea Witch Jar Spell for Elemental Magick

Try this DIY Sea Witch Jar Spell to empower your spell objective with the Element of Water.   Use easy to find items, like a glass jar, moss, seashells, driftwood and sand to create a living terrarium spell jar that grows with your progress.

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Create this DIY Sea Witch Jar Spell from simple tools like moss, driftwood, shells for a quick, easy moon spell that looks beautiful, too!

Sea Witch Jar Spell

The Element of Water governs emotional matters like love, harmonious relationships, and intuition.  Choose an aspect of Water that best suits your spell objective.

Attraction, emotional harmony or heightened intuition all make excellent goals for this spell.

If you take care of it, this jar becomes a living miniature ecosystem.  As you nurture it, you symbolically nurture your progress and object.

Like all the spells on this blog, I wrote this to inspire you, but there’s no need to approach it with rigidness.

Improvise and add your personal touch.

You Will Need:

*glass Jar

*sand or fish tank pebbles



*small piece of paper/pen

*a few tablespoons of water

*any or all of the following:





Now, let’s get started!

Begin by writing an appropriate spell objective on a piece of paper.

“Attract new love” or “cultivate inner peace,” for example, align nicely with the Element of Water.

Layer the jar like this:

DIY spell idea for water signs and sea witches.

In this case, I buried the spell scroll so it isn’t visible, but it’s there!

Also not shown, this very important part:  You need to cover the jar with a lid to create the water cycle that will keep the jar living and growing.

Place the jar near a window, or on the altar (if yours gets some natural light).

As you nurture your little indoor garden, watch it grow with your spell objective.

I hope you enjoyed this little spell idea!  Feel free to add questions or your experience with this spell in the comments.

Blessed be.






  1. I LOVE that this jar is a living ecosystem! Do you mind elaborating on nurturing it? Watering it? If so, how often? Or do you mean spiritually nurturing it? Also, is the moss something you purchase or do/can you transplant some you find growing outdoors? TIA!

    1. I made mine about two weeks ago, and I haven’t needed to water it yet. It functions like a terrarium, so my guess is that you won’t have to water it that often.

      I got my moss from outside! It’s pretty easy to transplant and it grows well indoors because it likes the low light. Enjoy!

    2. So im kinda new to this? is it ok if i have 1 real pearl and just a shell…and what exactly do i have to write on the paper?? again really sorry, im VERY new to this??

  2. I made a similar jar recently with my spell embedded under the moss. It sits just above my desk on my windowsill alter and I’ve been lighting candles nightly to nurture it. Last night, I dreamt of it broken, with the stones scattered about and I have a memory from the dream of me trying to gather the elements back to recreate the jar to no avail. I feel unwilling to acknowledge the negative connotation of this dream and am holding on to the spell despite what seems like a negative omen. Can you offer any thoughts or insight here? I’m really torn as to meaning. Am I just in denial?

  3. Also on your wish thing, do you have to write I wish.. or just write it down? Sorry I am very new to this! Thank you!

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