Sun Cakes

Today, we will learn how to make sun cakes for use in sun rituals and sabbats.

Let’s get kitchen witchin.’

Sun Cakes for Offering Wiccan Ritual

As with most of my kitchen witch posts, this is not a food recipe post.  We are going to focus on the ritual meaning of the key ingredients more than the process itself.  But this spell should work well with any lemon cake recipe.

During the weeks before and after Litha, the sun is at its strongest.  It’s a great time to work with solar energy in spells.

The lemons in a lemon cake are an obvious sun symbol, but they are also a symbol of well-being, healing, happiness and creative energy.  Inclusion of lemons in a kitchen spell blesses the home and everyone who eats one with a burst of happiness.

Kitchen Witch Spell with Lemons
The yoke in the eggs of this recipe also symbolize the sun, new beginnings and fresh life.

Eggs for a Kitchen Witch Spell

Even the cupcake liners can be chosen with intent.  I picked these, which have sun symbols like flowers and bees on them.

Kitchen Witch Spell

All ready for the oven!  (In that sloppy, 6-year-old way.  We have a rule in my kitchen:  everything must be done a little bit messy.  This works well, because I am kind of a mess in the kitchen.)


I left the light on in the oven to infuse the cakes with light.  This kitchen spell is, after all, about bringing light into your life!

Kitchen Witch Spell Oven

To garnish, I used a piece of the lemon and some mint.  Mint is ruled by Venus, and is a healing herb for emotional scars.

sun cakes

Now, if you like, you can stop right here.  Bless them for joy give them away to the neighbors or feed them to the kids for a “sunny” disposition.

These are also great to give a friend who has lost a loved one after an appropriate mourning period–often, the month after a death in the family can be the hardest, because it seems like everyone else has moved on.  This is a nice way to lift the spirits of someone in need of a boost.

But for our purposes, we’re going to save one of these cakes as an offering in a sun spell to banish depression next week.  See you on Sunday!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in more on sun magick, check out this post.


  1. Dear Ms. Moody Moons, I am so enjoying your site! It has been years since I’ve enjoyed a website this much, thank you! This is so funny because I’ve really just read through some recipes and your article on avocado, I’m really just getting started. Maybe it’s because so much of your Kitchen Witchery is in alignment with my Hedgewitchery… LOL
    I can’t wait to see what neat details I’ll discover on your website next.

  2. hi! so curious about HOW to make them. i was wondering if you could give me the recipe.
    blessed be!

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