Full Moon Incense Recipe DIY (Paganism, Witchcraft)

Cinnamon, star anise and lavender.

This full moon incense recipe makes an easy DIY pagan craft.

Honor the Esbat and bring the energy of the Goddess into your ritual space!

Combining hand-curated herbs, flowers and oils sacred to the lunar cycles, this recipe blends the rich, mind-opening energy of lavender with the fiery boldness of exotic spices like cinnamon.  Makes a beautiful casting mix for any Esbat ritual.

Whip up a batch of this witchy little blend to keep on hand for last-minute full moon events.

Or, to add some punch to your lunar spells.

For other ideas on how to celebrate the full moon, check out 25 Ways to Honor the Full Moon.

Full Moon Incense Loose Herbal Blend

(Please note:  Although I encourage you to use what you have on hand, for your convenience, I’ve included affiliate links to the specific ingredients in this recipe.  You’re welcome to read all about this practice on Moody Moon’s disclosure page.  Spoiler alert:  It’s pretty boring.)

Full Moon Loose Incense Witchy Pagan Recipe

Cinnamon, star anise and lavender.

Full Moon Incense

Use your full moon incense:

*to enhance spells during the full moon

*for casting the circle

*to create a mystical vibe for ritual baths

*as an offering to the Goddess aspect

*to bury with leftover spell components

Gathering Your Ingredients

Of course, spell ingredients your grow or make yourself always work the best.

But if your garden is in the off-season or your green thumb was never all that green, it’s worth it to get the good stuff whenever possible.

The energy you impart just by making the effort charges your blend with the magic of your intent.

I linked a number of high-quality herbs and oils for your convenience.

You Will Need

-3 pieces star anise

-2 sticks of cinnamon

-a handful of dried lavender

-5 or 6 dried tea roses

-1 handful sage leaf

-1 tablespoon dried thyme

-4 drops cinnamon essential oil

-6 drops lavender essential oil

Meaning and Symbolism

Star Anise

When-you-wish-upon-a-star-anise!  Along with a number of other unique magical properties, star anise makes a great addition to full moon incense for its traditional use in wishing magic.  Enhances spell work and enchantment.

Cinnamon & Cinnamon Oil

Known for its deeply protective properties and unique spiritual vibes, include cinnamon in your full moon incense to keep negative energy out of your sacred circle and bring your mind into focus.  For more ways to use cinnamon in witchcraft, check out 10 Magical Uses for Cinnamon.

Lavender & Lavender Oil

Famous for its use in aromatherapy, lavender stills the mind and prepares your senses for spell work.  The best part is, there’s plenty of magical ways to use lavender if you have some leftover.


Include dried roses as an offering to the feminine divine, which reaches the height of her beauty and power during the full moon.  Plus, they’re just beautiful in dried incense blends!


With its timeless metaphysical properties of wisdom and clarity, add sage to your moon ritual blend to keep your ego in check and avoid emotionally costly, poorly motivated spell work.

Sage also clears negative energy and creates a heightened atmosphere perfect for evocative rituals.


Attract positive spirits to your circle with this fairy favorite!

Thyme also encourages bravery, which calls to mind the common witchy saying, “To know, to will, to dare.”  Stay strong and cultivate a bold will—-spell work rewards the courageous.

Step 1

Wrap cinnamon sticks in a paper towel.  Crush it with a meat tenderizer or hammer.

Step 2

In a small bowl, combine dried thyme, lavender and sage leaf.

Step 3

Add roses and crushed cinnamon.

Step 4

One drop at a time, carefully add essential oil.  Remember, you can always add more, but diluting it is harder!  Start with a few drops of each oil and set the blend aside for a while.  Once your nose returns to its default sensitivity, smell it again and see if you like it or you want to adjust the ratios.

Blessed be!




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