10 Ways to Use Star Anise in Witchcraft

One of the most visually pleasing, beautiful spices in the world, let star anise take the “starring role” in your next spell or ritual. 

Below, I listed 10 creative ways to use star anise in witcchraft.  Enjoy!

10 Magickal Ways to Use Star Anise in Witchcraft
Include it in fall or winter ritual incense. 

Anise keeps its powerful, spicy scent well through the winter season.  Use it for winter and late fall rites for purification and cleansing.

Use it during dark moon divination.

When the moon goes dark once a month, the stars light up, appearing to brighten against the otherwise black sky.  The shape of star anise symbolizes a moonless horizon.  Place it on the altar during divination to “light up” your intuition.

Make garland or wreaths from it for home protection. 

Because star anise is gorgeous to the point of being a natural phenomenon, it makes the ideal feature in home decor and crafts intended for their protective qualities.

Burn it as natural incense. 

You need not even blend it with anything else.  Star anise emits such a strong natural fragrance, feel free to burn it all on its own using a charcoal disk.

Try this kitchen witch recipe

Kitchen witches all over explore different uses for their magical herbs in the kitchen.

Throw it in the hearth fire. 

Similarly, if you don’t have any charcoal incense disks, just toss it in your fireplace and set it ablaze to enchant your hearth and fill your home with the warm, soothing scent of this classic protection herb.  Or, you can make these super awesome natural firestarters.

Combine it with cinnamon sticks and steep it in hot water.  

This infusion makes a great psychic tea for use before divination or heightened dreaming abilities.

Feature it gift wrap for Yule or other pagan presents. 

Do this!  Next time you give something to someone in your coven or a like-minded friend, wrap it in plain paper, then glue star anise all over it in patterns or just randomly.  Especially nice for protection charms or dream-related gifts.

Ring candles with it for Imbolc. 

Make candle rings for winter Sabbats like Yule and Imbolc.  It looks so pretty and natural on the altar!

Slow cook it in oil for a dream potion. 

Very low and slow, cook star anise in a natural oil (like olive, coconut, or jojoba), then anoint your wrists or temples with it before bedtime.


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