Spring Equinox Ritual Oil Recipe

Easy Spring Equinox ritual oil recipe you can DIY for Ostara.

This Spring Equinox ritual oil recipe is the perfect DIY spring project to celebrate Ostara or the flower moon.

Only 5 ingredients to infuse your home or ritual space with the bright, fresh scent of spring.

Magical Correspondences

We chose the ingredients in this Spring Equinox ritual oil recipe with intention to signify the hope, beauty, and freshness of spring.


The soft, pastel shade of lavender flowers symbolizes the gentle colors of spring.

In modern magic, lavender is a powerful spell ingredient for promoting clarity in dreams and in divination.


Lemongrass represents the emergence of new growth in the spring.  As the earth shoots up with bright, green leaves, so too does the fertile ripeness of our spirits.

Lemon Peel

Lemons are a classic sun symbol.

With warmer and brighter months on the way, the inclusion of lemon peel in this spring equinox ritual oil recipe symbolizes the growing return of the light.


Patchouli is often used in spells and magic as a substitute for ritual dirt.

In this recipe, it’s called for as a symbol of the fresh, fertile earth newly nourished by the death of winter.

Spring Equinox Ritual Oil Recipe


*3 tablespoons carrier oil (I used olive oil)

*several chunks lemon peel

*10 drops lavender essential oil

*8 drops patchouli essential oil

*5 drops lemongrass essential oil

Step 1

In a very small pot, heat-safe cauldron, or saucepan, heat oil over low heat.  Add the lemon rind and steep for 4-6 minutes, gently stirring.  Do not scorch the oil!

Step 2

Strain the lemon peel from the oil.  Add in the essential oils.  Store in a clean glass jar for up to 6 months.

How to Use Your Ritual Oil

There are so many fun and creative ways to use ritual oil!   Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Anoint your Ostara altar with your ritual oil.

-This oil is skin-safe for most skin types.  You may add it to a ritual bath for the Spring Equinox.

-Add a few drops to a blend of handmade Ostara incense.

-Anoint candles to be used during fertility blessings, baby blessings, or the spring moons.

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