Spring Moon Ritual

Spring is (finally!) upon us.  The danger of frost has passed for most of the US, and warmer temperatures are on the horizon.

It’s time to knock the dust of your outdoor altar, pack a basket and head into the night for what might be your first outdoor ritual of the season.

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You will need:

*Flower petals.  Freshly picked are best, but store bought will do, or even some dried flowers from an old bouquet.

*Some natural altar decorations.  Take the time to gather some spring greens from the forest.  Moss or bright new leaves are nice.

*Dew gathered from the morning.  Gathering dew is a lovely precursor to a night moon ritual, but I realize this isn’t always convenient, so spring or blessed water is fine.

*Dried chamomile.  Or some other light floral.

*Cauldron or fire safe bowl.

*Charcoal disk.

*Lighter or matches.

*Altar candle.

Set up your altar.  Decorate it with your spring greens and place the altar candle in the middle.

Begin by marking your circle with the flower petals.  Walk in a clockwise fashion.

Light the altar candle.

If you have any flower petals left, ring the bottom of the candle with them.

Light your charcoal disk.  Blow on it to get a good burn.  You know the drill.

While it smolders, take your spring water or dew and anoint your Third Eye.  Close your eyes and feel the fresh purity of the water.  Imagine the newness of it radiating throughout your whole body, cleansing you of winter aches and old emotional wounds.

Place a pinch of chamomile on the charcoal dish, and picture the smoke carrying off winter, the past, and old pain.  Stay there as long as you like.  Don’t rush.

Extinguish everything, close the circle and welcome the fullest part of the spring season!

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