The Mystical Waters of High Springs, Florida

There is a mystical, witchy side of Florida that is often overlooked by travelers flocking to its better-known beaches and cities.

In fact, over the last few years, Florida has become one of my favorite destinations for witchy travel.

From my trip last summer to haunted Saint Augustine to the quirky vibe in the psychic oasis of Cassadega, Florida’s tiny, off-beat corners are where its treasures are buried.

For years now, I’ve been meaning to bring you a guide to Florida’s famed natural springs, and I finally got a chance to do it this winter.  Enjoy!

The mysticism and magic of Florida's natural springs.

What’s so special about Florida’s natural springs?

To start, they’re pretty much everywhere.  And you really can’t find a bad one.

There’s all a beautiful, jaw-dropping aquamarine and they are fiercely protected.

From a magical perspective, Florida’s waters represent healing, renewal, and rejuvenation.  

The locals have amazing ghost stories about the springs, and they are shrouded in lore about healing and eternal youth.

When to Visit

While many people have recommendations for the best season to visit (spring or fall if you like mild weather, or April-October if you want to see the manatees), this is a spiritual blog and I’d like to give you some spiritual suggestions.

Consider visiting the springs:

-If you’ve recently experienced a loss or major change in your life.

-When you’re looking for an amazing, magical trip to go with your coven or like-minded friends.

-You want to experience a quiet place for self-reflection and personal retreat.

Where to Stay:  High Springs, FL

There are springs all over Florida, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

I opted for the High Springs, FL area.  To be honest (and no offense to the locals!) there really isn’t much else going on in High Springs of interest to the witchy traveler.

However, the springs are absolutely worth a visit all by themselves.  

Where to Eat

Far and away, my best dining experience was at the Pink Flamingo Diner.  

Especially if you’re going with a group or your family, it has everything from typical diner food to a full vegan menu, and everything we ordered was delicious.

What to Do (Besides the Springs)

Take a trip to the Orlando area a couple of hours south—and skip Disney World.

Instead, visit Cassedega, Florida, a quirky little town that’s home to the highest concentration of psychics in the world.

Or, visit Lakeland, Florida, where the Airbnb rates are way cheaper than Orlando. 

Then, visit the exceptional Circle B Bar Reserve, an amazing nature preserve where the animals roam (unnervingly) freely.  We saw raccoons, armadillos, turtles, and, of course, alligators.  

Blessed be.

High springs, Florida is a perfect destination for seekers of mystical locations and magical vibes.

High Springs, Florida tops my list for sacred destinations this spring!


  1. Just wanted to come and tell you, I enjoy your blog so much! We have similar perspectives on Florida, too. I’m a Floridian and you’re absolutely right. Most people overlook the true magic that is here. I’m glad you see it for what it truly is – enchanted! Many Blessings.

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