Tuned to the Moon: Choosing the Right Lunar Phase for Your Spells

Synchronize your spell work to the cycles of the moon. Timing your magical efforts with lunar energy is a powerful way to embolden your spell craft. Here's how.

Timing your spell work to a specific phase of the moon is a powerful way to harness the natural celestial cycles and ride the energy like a wave to direct your goals.

Although the full moon is the most common time to do spell work, it isn’t the only time.  And depending on what your intentions are, it may not even be the best time.  Let’s take a look at the different phases of the moon, and how to work with lunar energy to move your magic forward.

New Moon

Not to be confused with the dark moon, the new moon is that first sliver of visible light the first day or two after the dark moon.

Just as the name implies, the new moon is best for spells related to:

Starting new projects.  If you’ve got a big idea in the works, the new moon is a perfect phase for not only casting a spell to support your effort but actually beginning that work.  Watching your progress move in synch with the progress of the moon cycle is a potent visual reminder that you’re gaining speed.

Beginning a fresh start on the best terms.  If you’ve recently moved to a new home or started a new job, this is the time to work magic intended to get things off on the right foot. 

Starting a journey.  Spells to inspire a new direction, including revisiting your education, starting a new hobby or beginning a new friendship, are best done during this moon phase.

Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is the entire moon phase from the new moon to the full moon.  Technically, the first day of the new moon is also the first day of the waxing moon.  (These are the only two moon phases that overlap).

The waxing moon is perfect any spell that involves gaining or increase.

Spells for financial increase.  If you want to get your finances in order or increase your opportunities financially, this is a perfect moon phase for that goal.

Recovery.  While recovery is closely related to healing, it’s not quite the same thing.  Recovery really refers to the time period after healing, but before resuming your life after it has been impacted by some form of suffering.  Whether you’re dealing with grief, emotional distress or an actual physical injury, the waxing moon is ideal for spells to aid or speed recovery. 

Momentum.  The waxing moon phase is also an ideal time to cast spells to gain momentum if you are stalled in some way.

Full Moon

The full moon symbolizes the height of lunar power.  It’s best reserved for spells meant to really “pack a punch.”  Full moon spells are best performed on the night of the fullest lunar light, but the night before or the night after is also an intense time for magical practice.

The full moon is ideal for spells involving:

Bringing your efforts to fruition.  If you’ve really put the time and effort into a project, but seem to be unable to move to total culmination, this is a good time to work spells that push you through the finish line.

Abundance spells.  Spells for abundance or “cup overflowing” energy are ideally cast at this time.

Love, Attraction, Magnetism.  Any magical effort that involves your personal energetic “gravitational pull” is best worked during the night of the full moon. 

Waning Moon

The waning moon is every night of the moon between the full moon and the dark moon.

Whereas the waxing moon is meant for increasing, the waning moon is best used for spells that involve a decrease.

-Weight loss spells.  If you’re working on dropping those extra pounds, consider using the waning moon for weight loss magic.

Ending a relationship peacefully.  If you’d like to move a relationship out of your life because it’s no longer serving you (and therefore, you’re no longer serving it) this is a great time to perform a “say goodbye” type spell.

Elimination.  Whether you’re trying to stop spending so much time watching cat videos or you want to lower your dependency on chocolate, use the waning moon to both initiate your cutback and support it with magical efforts.

Dark Moon

This is the final phase of the moon before the cycle begins again with the new moon.  The dark moon is a time of contemplation, rest, and reconnection.

Use it for spells and rituals that involve:

Divination.  If you only use divination once a month (or less), this is the night to get it done.  Draw a spread to get a feel for what’s in store for you in the coming moon cycle.

Deep healing.  Use this moon phase for rituals that promote the healing of psychic & emotional wounds. 

Plant journeys.  If plant journeying is part of your practice, this is a great time to use spiritually active botanicals and fungi for that purpose.

Happy moon cycle, kids!

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Don't just cast a spell. Harness the power of the moon by timing it to the best lunar phase for your goals. Here's how.

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