Easy Money Spell For Beginners

Are you working towards a more sound financial life? Support your efforts with this quick, easy money spell for beginners. Just 4 simple spell ingredients you can get anywhere!

Today, we offer you a money spell for beginners.

Spells to enhance financial success are naturally quite popular.  Among the most often requested type of magic, they appear in every spell-casting culture in the world.

Money spells are literally as old as witchcraft itself.

But in the interest of personal authenticity, before we get to the spell itself, I’d like to take a moment to explain why I generally shy away from them.

Of course, I encourage you to make up your own mind about them.

For what it’s worth . . . 

Money spells have never been my favorite kind of magic.  It’s a personal thing, really. 

Something about them reminds me of that shady guy you always see in the comments of witchcraft blogs promising to help you win the lottery or whatever.

Much like fertility spells, it’s not the spell premise itself that bothers me, but its association with people who, unfortunately, take advantage of and defraud others under the guise of spellcraft.

All that said, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with supporting your efforts in the realm of finance with magic.  

Just keep the following in mind.

A money spell is really about your relationship with your finances.

I always try to remember that magic is a spiritual practice, and put every spell in that context.

Your relationship with money is, in many ways, the bridge between your mundane life and your higher aspirations.

Of course, not every dire financial situation is your fault.  Financial difficulties arise from all kinds of circumstances outside a person’s control—house fires, hacked bank accounts, and fraud all happen to financially responsible people through no fault of their own.

But many financial problems are the result of a bad relationship with money.  If you think about the people in your life who struggle with money the most, you’ll probably realize that their relationship with it is usually troubled.

So it’s important to really think about what your relationship is with your finances, and whether or not having more money would fix that problem, or simply put a bandage on a gaping hole in your soul that you’re trying to fill with material things and pleasures.

Remember that it’s not so much about the dollar amount itself as what you need to make your a reality.  So, before your begin, take a moment to ask:

What would I do with more money?

Do I want to travel the world?  Own my own home?  Pay off debt?  And why are those things important to me?  

Once you understand your motivations, setting a clear intention becomes much easier.  Which brings me to my next point . . .

Set a clear intention.

Setting a crystal clear objective is an essential step in any spell.

In a money spell, instead of specifying a dollar amount, try specifying your actual goal—the thing you plan to use the money for.

For example:

“Go to Thailand” is better than “I need $4,500.”

This strategy leaves you open to accepting other means of arriving at your destination—-for example, a job opportunity.  More often than not, you will find that spells work in ways you never envisioned.

This cracking open of your spirit, this openness to an alternate path, is a key part of channeling your energy to achieve your goals through spell work.  

Things You Will Need

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-green candle

patchouli oil or money-drawing oil

-a piece of paper or pen

-a handful of pennies or coins

Step I

Carve your candle with a simple of wealth or abundance.  This might be a dollar sign, a word, or a sigil.

This symbol need only be significant to you as a clear representation of abundance or financial stability.

Step 2

Anoint your candle with patchouli oil (or another money-drawing oil of your choice).

Step 3

On a piece of paper, write your financial goal.

Remember, it is better to write what you want to do with a better financial position than an actual dollar amount.

Step 4

Either turn the paper upside down or fold it into quarters and place the candle on top of it.  Surround the base of the candle with pennies or other low-value coins.

Beginning on the first night of the waxing moon until the night of the full moon, light the candle every evening before you go to bed.  

Imagine each of the pennies multiplying, adding a few to the base of the candle every night.

Best of luck, witches!

Easy money spell for beginners. Quick, simple and effective.


Quick, simple money spell for beginning witchcraft.


  1. I did my very first spell back in January! It went very well. It was a money I got off this website!

    There was this chant I did when calling in the 4 elements and I can’t find it now but it was so powerful that after the spell when it bid each element farewell one by one the candle flame went out on its own. This is when I knew it was legit and my request was heard.

    However I cannot find the 4 elements chant anywhere now. I’m pretty sure it was this website and was wondering if you can reply back with it?

    I can’t find it anywhere on your site now. The 4 element chant does not come up in online searches.

    Thank you for your time

  2. I have a brand new bar of Quick Money Drawing Soap but don’t know to use it, there were no instructions, oh n I don’t have a bath tub just a shower does that matter? Any advice, or how to use it I would greatly appreciate it, Thank You!!!

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