9 Ways to Use Wisteria in Spells & Magic

IF you have wisteria dripping from the trees in your yard this time of year, make the most of it with one of these 9 ideas to use wisteria in spells, witchcraft and magic.

Wisteria seems to drip from the trees and gives every landscape it grows in the artful look of an impressionist painting.

This mythical-looking flower grows abundantly near abandoned buildings and at the edges of wild woodlands, especially in the Southern part of the United States.

Like many wildflowers used in magic, wisteria is often regarded as a weed by landscapers and gardeners—which is great news for you!  Many people are willing to let you cut some from their yards or you can often find it in wasteland sites.

Here’s some inventive ideas to use it in your practice.

Please note:  Wisteria is poisonous to pets and children!  Please be mindful of this!

Leave some at the graveside.  

The next time you visit the grave site of a loved one, consider leaving wisteria flowers.  Wisteria symbolizes the eternal nature of love.  Adorn your loved one’s final resting place with wisteria and let them know you’re open to communicating with them in your dreams (if you wish).

For endurance & long-term projects.

Wisteria is slow-flowering plant.  It can take between 3-5 years to bloom.

The delayed gratification of this plant makes it ideal for boosting efforts in a long-term project.  Consider planting some in your backyard and cultivating it alongside a long-term project or goal to parallel your mundane energy with your magical gardening.

As an offering to the spirits of the woodlands.

If you spend a lot of time taking nature walks in the woods, leave a bouquet of wisteria in a place sacred to you as a symbolic offering to the spirits of the woodlands.  Ask for their inspiration in creative projects or for their aid in attaining deeper states of meditation.

To initiate friendship.

Bring a bouquet of wisteria flowers to a new neighbor or new acquaintance to initiate a friendly relationship.

The intertwining nature of wisteria vines represents the ties that bind human relationships.

Invigorate your youthful spirit.

If you’ve got a goal that’s best served by a youthful approach (playful, creative, risk-taking) and you’re having trouble “getting out of your head,” wisteria is a symbol of a whimsical spirit.  

Place a vase of this flower on your altar to draw out your inner child.

In love & romance.

Decorate your altar with swaths of this flower when casting spells to draw attraction into your life.

Taking a long walk through trees cascading with vines of this drippy, dreamy flower is just about the most romantic thing we can think of!

Enhance your second sight.

Mark your sacred circle with this flower before divination.  They come in different colors, but the purple blooms in particular promote deep insight and the wonder of seeing beyond the physical world into the hidden meaning beyond the Veil

For grace.

If you’ve ever seen this flower in the wild, it’s hard to miss its inherent grace and elegance.  Cultivate it in your garden and simultaneously cultivate your own grace, elegance, and beauty alongside it.

Healing grief.

If you find white wisteria, lucky you!  This gorgeous version offers healing and hope after an extended period of mourning or grief.  Sit beneath a vine of white wisteria to meditate and reflect on the grieving process, as well as the joys of your continuing relationship with those beyond the Veil.  

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This dreamy, beautiful, drippy flower is just about the most deliriously graceful, romantic herb in the wild garden this time of year. Here's how to use wisteria in spells and magic.

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