Full Moon Beauty Ritual

Full Moon Beauty Ritual

Use the power and magic of the full moon to draw out your inner allure with this full-moon beauty ritual.  Simple yet powerful, this spell uses natural, earthy ingredients like rose petals, almond oil, and vanilla essential oil to evoke your inner goddess.

Things You Will Need

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*Rose petals (fresh or dried)

*Vanilla essential oil 

*Almond essential oil (or substitute olive oil, or any other skin-nourishing oil)

*Small, clean glass bottle


Spell Correspondences

The items in this spell were chosen for their ritual association with beauty.


The grace and elegance of the rose lends itself well to beauty and attraction magic.  Roses have a long history in the witch’s spell cabinet and are a magical symbol of divine feminine beauty.


From the myth of Narcissus to the mirror as a porthole to alternate dimensions, mirrors are a powerful symbol in folklore and magic.

In this spell, they call us to reflect upon ourselves and draw insight from this contemplation.

What is beauty?  What makes me beautiful, and why do I doubt this beauty?  


The spirit animates the flesh.  The body is not beautiful alone.  It must be inhabited by a beautiful soul.

Even the most photogenic among us can make themselves instantly ugly with a word or deed.

Vanilla reminds us to warm our souls from the inside out.  And that you wear your body—your body doesn’t wear you.

Almond Oil

Poverty of the spirit is reflected in the flesh.  Almonds represent abundance and nourishment.

When the soul brims with abundance, that sense of I am more than enough becomes quite visible.

Add almond oil to this spell to fill yourself with wonder and abundance.

Step 1

On the night of the full moon, draw a hot bath.  Ritualize it any way you like.  You can dim the lights and burn some candles, or play soft music in the background to mellow the mood.

Or, simply scatter the rose petals in the water. 

Enter the water mindfully.  Experience the heat of the water and allow it to relax any tension in your body.  As you let go, imagine you are releasing any insecurities or doubts about yourself. 

Spend some time meditating on the profound truth that everyone is beautiful.  That beauty is really about embracing what makes you unique.

What makes you beautiful like no one else?  Do you have a mole over your eyebrow that’s unmistakable?  Elegant, graceful hands?  A swan-like neck?  

Then, think about the things that you are less happy about.   Got stretch marks from pregnancy?  Those stretch marks are the tiger stripes you earned from childbirth and they’re as beautiful as any tattoo.  Wish your hips were smaller?  Well, remember that in ancient cultures, full hips were prized—worshipped, even.

Meditate on beauty not as a superficial quality, but as something that makes you distinctive from the sea of humanity.

How to turn your bath time into a sacred magical ritual.

Step 2

Make a ritual oil.

In your clean glass jar, pour the almond oil (or other oil of your choice) and add a few drops of vanilla essential oil.

Leave it in the full moonlight overnight to charge.

Spell Potion for Beauty, Allure & Attraction

Step 3

Every morning for the next moon cycle, set aside a mere three minutes to look in the mirror.

Anoint your heart center (the center of your breastbone) with a little vanilla/almond oil.

Say the following words three times as you look into your own reflection:

I am the goddess of my own beauty.


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Try this moon bath ritual to draw allure, grace and beauty from within.

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