Mirror Spells & Magic

Mirror spells and magic.

Mirror spells appeared in magical texts thousands of years ago and continue to absorb us with their unique metaphysical properties.

Nearly every culture in the world attaches some superstition or folklore to mirrors.

Maybe you recall the childhood dare to chant “Bloody Mary” three times into a mirror in a dark room to invoke an evil sorceress.

Or, perhaps you know the Greek myth of Narcissus.  Known for his beauty, he became so entranced with his own reflection, he fell in love with himself.  Unable to be with the object of his desire, he killed himself in despair.

One mind-bending ancient Chinese myth describes our reflections in mirrors as demonic beings pretending to be us!

Mirror magic and modern witchcraft.

In modern witchcraft, practitioners use mirrors for introspect, beauty spells, and as a gateway to alternate dimensions.

Below, I list just a few of the many mirror spells and magical ways to use them.


Although scrying most often involves a specialized black mirror (you can easily make these yourself), you need not use one.

Simply fill a chalice or bowl with water and add a few drops of black food coloring.

Sit in a dark room, preferably on the night of the dark moon.  Light a candle and place it between you and the mirror.  

Allow your eyes to lose focus.

Sit quietly and wait for a vision to appear.

Don’t worry if nothing happens the first few times!  It takes practice and determination to get good at this advanced divination technique.

Simple mirror spell for beauty.

Mirrors are powerfully connected to beauty and self-image.  

Mirror spells for beauty appear in spellbooks often and vary widely.

Try this simple spell for enhanced beauty.

Lay a hand mirror flat on your altar or vanity.  Surround the mirror with fresh pink roses.  Each morning as you get ready for the day, look into the mirror and say a beauty affirmation.  It can be simple.  “I am beautiful.”  Or, choose a famous quote.  Here are some of my favorites for this spell:

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”  (Kate Angell)

“Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go.”  (Source unknown).

“Beauty is an illumination of your soul.”  John O’Donohue

Once you say your affirmation, imagine the essence of the roses evaporating into you.  As they fade, take their power and beauty into you.

Blocking/opening portals.

When working spells at locations with high paranormal activity, consider covering mirrors with black cloth to keep dark entities from crossing over into the ritual space while the veil between worlds is thin.

Conversely, when trying to communicate with ancestors or those on the other side, anoint mirrors with ancestor oil to welcome them into your space.

Vision herbs & mirror meditations.

If you work with vision herbs (and please, do not consume them if you are not expertly familiar with their effects!), consider meditating into a mirror during a vision experience for introspection and reflection.

Connecting with Aphrodite.

Place an elegant or beautiful mirror on the altar if you work with the goddess, Aphrodite.  Surround it with roses or burn pink candles to honor her connection to this powerful spell tool.

Contrary to the popular notion, Aphrodite’s link with the mirror has nothing to do with vanity or even physical beauty!

Protect yourself.

If you find yourself dealing with someone who engages in manipulation or negative tactics, try this simple mirror spell for protection.

Place a mirror upside down over a photograph of the person (if you don’t have a photo, write their name instead on a piece of paper).

This inverts their negativity back onto them.

For added protection, place a sprig of rosemary on top.

How to use mirrors in spells and magic.

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