Magical Herbalism Certification

Spring is coming, and it’s time to get excited about magical herbalism!, Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts offers the best Magical Herbalism Certification class specializing specifically in the magical properties of herbs and their use in spell craft.

Learn to use herbs, oils and tinctures in your magic to create a more enchanted life.

With graceful design aesthetic, dynamic lessons, and a soul-soothing curriculum, this certification course roots you in solid ground for growing into your practice.

Connect more deeply with nature and learn to incorporate the natural world in your Craft.

Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts Magical Herbalism Certification

Discover the Magic of Herbs

Not just for cooking and homemade cough syrup, learning to work with herbs brings any magical practice from basic to beautiful.

From immersing yourself in your local wildlife to responsible foraging and studying the metaphysical properties of the herbs in your kitchen cabinet, magical herbalism is both accessible and foundational.

You will learn:

*Basic herbs and their uses in spells.

*Basic tools for magical herbalism & how to use them.

*Designing a magical garden (even in small spaces!).

*How to make spell tinctures, incense wands & dream boxes.

*Creating sacred ritual baths with herbs & flowers.

*Working with your natural landscape to make magic.

*Using sacred nature walks to forage for spell ingredients.

*A basic, herb-based spell for inviting abundance into your life.

*How to make a protection tincture.

*A spell to enhance your dream life.

*How to make an incense wand.

Stop observing nature and become part of your landscape.

Fully immerse yourself in nature.

Too often, when we go out to experience the natural world, we end up watching it instead of immersing ourselves in it.

Magical herbalism teaches you to integrate yourself with the natural world. 

Learn how to study herbs in their natural environment.   Identify their metaphysical properties.

And finally, incorporate them into your spell Craft and watch your relationship with nature blossom.

Get certified!

This course offers the option to get certified in magical herbalism.

Do you want to enhance your teaching repertoire for workshops in witchcraft and natural living?  Are you a high priestess or interfaith clergy looking to up your ritual game? 

Take advantage of the formal certification process offered by Moody Moons School of Metaphysical arts and get your certificate for this class to present to employers, festival organizers and to enhance your resume.

Are you new to the Craft?

If you just started down the path of the Craft, consider taking our Witchcraft 101:  Discover the Magic in You course.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new lingo?  Not sure where to begin?

This introductory course takes you through everything you need to know about the Wheel of the Year, basic tools, how to choose your path in the Craft and key terms and concepts to get you started.


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