9 Plants & Herbs Every Green Witch Should Know

9 Herbs and Plants Every Green Witch Should Know

Knowing intimately the secret life of plants and trees—not just biologically, but spiritually, and even emotionally–is the true path of the green witch.

Green magic is fundamentally the respectful study of the vibrant, lush, breathing natural world.

Don’t know where to start?  We recommend you begin by going outside. 🙂

Here’s 9 plants and herbs to look for.


If you never climbed into the strong, graceful arms of a 100-year-old oak tree as a child, find one as an adult and try it now.

The power and the majesty of an old oak captivates anyone quiet enough to notice their silent grandeur.

Use oak leaves in spells and rituals for wisdom, enlightenment, or to connect with your elders.


Line spring gift baskets with hand-gathered natural moss instead of the fake plastic stuff.

Where moss grows, the forest floor comes alive.

Thriving in the deepest shade, this plant’s creative power emerges with very small amounts of light.

Grow moss in the parts of your garden where nothing else will. 

This plant brightens darkness and makes a lovely habitat for the spirits of the woodlands.


Use lavender to bring out natural beauty, promote insightful dreams and unwind at the end of the day.

Add a few drops of its essential oil into your bathwater or an oil diffuser at night before you go to bed.

Or, add it to your unscented body oil and anoint yourself to bring out your natural beauty.  


Everywhere ferns grow, so too does the local folklore around them.

The Celts believed fairies dwelled beneath their thick, low canopies..

English poets composed entire sonnets in awe of their enchanted beauty.

Grow ferns in the home to invite magic inside and purify your space.  Ferns grown indoors neutralize the toxic technological vibes given off by screens and electronics.


Every gardener knows mint digs in and takes over.

Mint’s magical properties mirror its tenacity and abundance. 

Use it in spells for prosperity, determination, and to calm stressful emotions.


Doesn’t the name just sound like something you toss in a cauldron with frog legs and baby fat?

Mugwort promotes clairvoyance or “third sight.”  Store your tarot cards or runes with some dried mugwort to charge them with psychic vibes.

Or, use it in your dream work to compliment next-level sleep sessions.


This dreamy, painterly tree thrives near rivers and lakes.   It is powerfully associated with moon cycles and freshwater tides.

Willow is sacred to Hekate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft and sorcery.

Sit beneath a willow tree for meditation, use its branches to make wands, or pour water on its roots as an offering to balance emotions and restore spiritual wellbeing.


Your mother probably kept this spikey plant on her kitchen window to rub on your burns when you foolishly ignored her warnings about getting too close to the stove.

Or, maybe that’s just why they stick out in my childhood memory.  🙂

These same medicinal properties translate well into aloe’s magical uses.

Include aloe in magical salves, ointments, and potions to soothe flared tempers and cool anxious worries.

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9 Plants & Herbs Every Green Witch Should Know

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