Hekate: 10 Ways to Include the Goddess of Witchcraft in Your Magic

Hekate: How to Include the Goddess of Witcraft in Your Magic.

Hekate, or Hecate, is the Greek goddess of the moon, witchcraft, the crossroads, natural poison, herbalism and spirits of the dead.

Her shadowy legend skirts the edges of Hellenic mythology.  Appearing mysteriously in Homeric legends, she fades back into the oblivion of the Greek pantheon just as cryptically.

With the popularization of neopaganism, practitioners of modern witchcraft have taken a special interest in her.  In particular, her role as the Goddess of Witches makes her relevant to their practice.

Whether you recognize her as a literal deity, or you simply want to work with the archetypal energy she represents, try one of these ideas to bring her into your sacred space.

Include torches in your ritual.

Not flashlights.  Torches.

In much of the art depicting this goddess, she carries a fire torch.  This visually stunning addition to a group ritual is a great way to welcome her energy.

If nothing else, it dramatically intensifies the atmosphere!

(Search “how to make a torch” videos to find a tutorial on how to DIY them).

Seal coven bonds.

As Goddess of Witches, call on Hekate during rituals to seal the bonds of sisterhood in covens.

Or, dedicate your coven altar to her.

Plant some yew.

If you live in a region where it grows well, the evergreen shrub known as yew is sacred to Hekate.  Plant it on the borders of your property to invite her favor and protect the home.  (Be careful—it’s also highly toxic!)

Call on her for Triple Goddess rites of passage.

If you celebrate rites of passage in your traditional (such as the transition from Maid to Mother), consider calling on Hekate to oversee ceremonies that honor these milestones.

Some of the most mysterious ancient statuary of Hecate depict her with three heads.  Modern witches recognize these as three aspects of the Triple Goddess (Maid, Mother and Crone).

Take Hekate to the crossroads.

The place where two roads become one represents the merging of two energies into a single force.

Burn a black candle at the crossroads.  Then call on Hekate to help you choose between two paths or leave a message for a loved one who has crossed over.  Speaking of which:

Include her in spirit communication.

Ask Hecate to pass a message along to a deceased loved one or ancestor.  Write your message on a piece of parchment paper, then fold some dried belladonna inside and burn it in a cauldron or hearth fire.  Ask her to carry your message to someone on the other side of the Veil.

Invite her to an exorcism.

If you participate in paranormal investigations, your clients quite likely ask you to chase out or expel negative energy on pretty regular basis.

After performing an exorcism or energy clearing, hang mandrake root above the entry ways and ask Hecate to guard them to prevent the return of negative entities.  (And be sure to warn the living occupants that it’s toxic!)

Make an offering of garlic.

This goddess takes a special liking to garlic.  Leave it on the home altar as an offering to her or use garlic in kitchen witch spells to call on her for her aid.

(For other ways to use garlic in magic, check out 10 Ways to Use Garlic in Witchcraft).

Include her in your relationship with familiars.

If you keep a familiar (a real, living animal with who you maintain a deep relationship), call on Hecate to protect your animals and keep the peace between bickering animal “siblings.”

Ask for her assistance in your herbalism study.

Beginning an herbalism practice?  Hekate is your lady.  She specializes in the use of herbs in magic, witchcraft and the metaphysical arts.  Call on her when working intuitively with herbs, or when you want to focus your energy on deepening your knowledge of herbal lore and its metaphysical uses.

How to include Hekate in your magic spells.





  1. I have a black kitten named Hecate, we call her Hex for short. She is the third black cat I have shared my life with. I have reached ‘cronedom’ and I think it is a wonderful stage to be in. Hecate is a special name for lots of different reasons. Blessed Be

  2. Looking back over the years, Hekete has been calling to me. At last I have answered and she has spoken to me. We will become friends. She has suggested that I read more about her and this post has been helpful. Many thanks!

  3. I have been looking for a power better than the one I have but I have found none, the world over. Can someone help?

  4. When I was very stress sick Hecate showed herself for me and we have been very good friens since. It is now about 7 years ago and I also write a book with her craft and inspiration for the head-person i the book. I Danish – I live in Denmark – but an american friend is translate the book into English – she is not finished but I think she will sell it in a digital way. Hecate is my most important Goddess. I am priestes in a wiccangroup in Denmark and she is always with me in our ceremonies. The 2 other Goddesses I mostly use is Ishtar (she also connected herself with me) and the northern Freja. Thank you for informations.

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