DIY Green Witch’s Runes with Wood Rounds

DIY Green Witch's Rune Set

Looking for a soothing way to spend a Craft-y evening at home?   Try making this set of green witch’s runes and enrich your divination practice with the energy of your own creative power.

The Green Witch’s Runes

Unlike the traditional Germanic runes, there is no “standard” set of witch’s runes.

However, many sets include some common symbols.

In this set, we focus specifically on themes in green witchcraft.

But feel free to adapt any symbolism appropriate to your path or tradition.

Reading for Beginners

Some witch’s runes sets contain dozens of runes with elaborate meanings.

Rune spreads vary in complexity from a single stone to 10 or 12 spread layouts with intricate, richly detailed reading processes.

But if you’re just starting out, I recommend making a small set of 6-8 runes and drawing a single rune once a month on the new or dark moon until you get to know their energies.

Build a relationship with your rune set as you would any other tool in your witchy cabinet.

Making Runes

Get creative with your rune-making process!

I used (affiliate link—->) wood rounds for this set because of the association of trees with green magic.

But I also like using stones for symbolic handmade ritual tools (see these gorgeous sigil stones for an example).  Stones symbolize ancient wisdom, ancestral knowledge, and a deep connection to the Earth.

Wood chips, clay, or any natural medium also work.

I used plain old acrylic paints, but you can get really creative with your writing tools, too.  Make your paint from scratch for an especially earthy vibe, or go ultra-modern and just use a Sharpie.

The Old Oak Tree

In green witchcraft, the oak tree symbolizes the Element of Earth, our collective knowledge and our ancestral heritage.

It often appears when we behaved foolishly or took advice from a questionable source.

If you draw the old oak tree, seek the wisdom and counsel of your elders.


This rune symbolizes a need for retreat and relaxation.

Remove yourself from the choas—both physically and mentally.

Go for a walk alone, take a hot bath or indulge in a guided meditation session.

Eye of Insight

Eye of insight. This rune symbolizes intuition and third sight.

The eye symbolizes deep awareness, focus, concentration and insight.

When you draw this rune, pay close attention.

Is there anything in your life you need to open your eyes to?

Take a moment to close your eyes and “see” the invisible.

Goddess Rune

Goddess symbol in green witchcraft.

Representing the feminine divine and creative power, the goddess symbol appears when we feel called to draw on our generative instincts.  

What do you want to manifest in your life in the coming days, weeks, or even hours?

Make a conscious decision to will something into reality and then watch it materialize.

Spiral Shape 

Spiral witch's rune.

The spiral is a universal symbol of introspection and the spiritual journey of a lifetime.

Our path continually circles inward, driving us to reach deeper within ourselves, and in turn, the universal reality.

When you draw this stone, set aside some time for quiet contemplation in a natural setting.  Go for a swim in a natural body of water, take a walk in the woodlands or even consider spending the weekend camping in the mountains for a little screen-free detox of the soul.

The Moon

Full moon rune.

The Moon symbolizes the mother aspect of the femine divine in all her phases— Maid, Mother and Crone.

This rune usually means a major part of your life is (or soon will be) in a state of transition.

A new job, the end of a relationship or a move to a new location all mean upheaval and uncertainty. 

Keep calm, mama!  Remember that new beginnings are always ushered in by a little chaos.

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These DIY witch's runes are an easy, Craft-y way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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