Beautiful Witch Art Online Class

Moon witch art online course for creative inspiration. Learn to make magic with your art, and art with your magic!

 Moon Witch Art 101, our latest online course, launches this month! 

Are you a witch who wants to make art with your magic?  Are you an artist who wants to make magic with your art?

In this class, we explore the idea that art is magic, and magic is art.

Featuring easy art project ideas that anyone can do, this course introduces how to incorporate spellcraft techniques into your art—no matter what medium you use.

“But wait!  I’m not an artist.”

Yes, you most certainly are an artist.

Even if you never touched a paintbrush in your life and can’t even draw a stick figure, life is art.

And as a human being, you possess all the makings of an artist.

The key is to find the medium that works for you and to ride the wave of creativity that swells naturally within you.

If can bake, sing, take photographs, dance, decorate your bedroom, bead jewelry, sew a dress, pour a candle, or blend your own perfume, you make art.

The only difference between art and utility is the unique impression of your energy, your soul.

And the only difference between magic and the mundane is the unique way that you channel your spirit through your magical efforts.

No experience necessary!

Whether you paint masterpieces or struggle to draw stick figures, we designed this class to teach you how to incorporate magic into your art no matter your skill level.

Creative project ideas inspire you to break out of your mental box and open yourself up to new possibilities.

Simple ideas, like learning to make potions out of paint, or using collage art to manifest your highest goals, help you to move forward on your artistic journey no matter where you stand on the path of creativity.

Art as magic, and magic as art.

Art is so closely intertwined with magic, the terms art and magic are almost interchangeable.

While the laws of the universe appear fixed, art and magic both speak to the soul.

Science and math offer explanations for how the world works—but no one can explain the unique power of art.  There is no complete way to explain why a piece of art is compelling (or not compelling).

The experience of making art, like the experience of making magic, is subjective.  Both are a manifestation of the spirit.

Developing your art develops your skills as a witch in an inherent way.

Conversely, developing your magical skills enhances your artistic instincts.

What you will learn.

Designed for self-paced learning, this course teaches:

How to work with the moon cycles for more inspired creativity.

Selecting a medium that suits your spell intentions.

How to charge your art supplies and infuse them with your spell intentions.

Finding the natural elements in your medium, and harnessing the power of elemental magic in your art (earth, fire, air, water).

Guided meditation for inspiration when you get stuck.

Use your art to set and manifest your intentions.

How to set up an inspiration altar to draw fresh ideas into your work.

Moon Witch Art & Natural Rhythms

This class presents the creative process as an act of harmony with nature.

Learn to tune your artistic energy to the seasons, the moon cycles, and the energetic rhythms of the world around you,

The term moon witch art refers to this concept.  Just as the moon moves through its various phases, so too moves the creative process.

From a time of darkness (writer’s block/lack of inspiration/creative blockages) to full fruition (finishing touches/projects completed), nature offers many metaphors for the life cycle of creation.

Harness the power of these natural rhythms to drive your creativity forward, push past creative blockades and make room for new growth.

Discovering the artist in you.

Whether you always wanted to find the creative spirit within you, or you already know her well, integrating your magical life with your inner artist is a powerful way to manifest your highest intentions.

Expressing your spirituality outwardly through a chosen medium is, in many ways, the very definition of art.

Benefits of art magic.

Making art enriches your life in ways that are difficult to quantify, but here are just of few of the ways moon witch art is a transformative practice:

-Develop your aesthetic as a witch.  Learn to “see” your magic through the eyes of an artist.

-Infuse your creations with magic for art that is more deeply inspired.

-Connect your creativity to your spirituality and watch both parts of you grow bigger and more beautiful.

-Lower stress and increase your magical mindfulness.

-Focus your intentions more effectively by doing the mundane work of developing your skillset as an artist.

-Create altars, rituals, and sacred spaces with the magic of your unique eye.

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