8 Witchy Ways to Get Ready for Winter

Get ready for a magical winter with these ideas to create a mystical home.

With the cold weather sweeping in from the north, it’s time to turn your intention inward and focus your magical practice on life indoors.

From connecting with the element of fire to inspiring your inner kitchen witch, winter is the season for honing your intuition and sprinkling a little sparkle on family life by the hearth.

Prepare some ritual bath soaks.

Cold Moon rDIY ritual bath salts. Celebrate a winter Esbat, or give it a way for Yule.

There’s nothing like opening your bathroom drawer and finding a magical bath soak ready to go!

Get ready for a long winter of hot ritual baths by prepping some ritual bath soaks in advance.

Need some inspiration?  Try this cold moon ritual bath soak recipe.

Do a fire blessing.

Winter is a lovely time to work with the element of fire.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace in the home, lucky you!

Write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it under the full moon, and watch the smoke carry your desires to the gods.

Or, try making some of these Yule fire blessing bundles and toss them in your hearth fire to bless the home.

Make some magical candles.

How to use white candles in witchcraft, ritual, wicca, spells and magic.

Candle-making for spellcraft is all about timing! 

Choose a winter full moon and set aside a night to handmake candles for the coming year.

Try creating spell candles to support your New Year’s resolution or plan to make a customized candle for every holiday on the Wheel of the Year.

Bring evergreens indoors.

DIY Winter Solstice Herbal Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

In witchcraft, evergreens symbolize hope, eternal life, and renewal.

Bring foraged evergreens or evergreens from the garden inside.

Make holiday wreaths out of them.  Or, boil a cauldron of water with herbal evergreens (like rosemary) to fill your home with the magic of winter.

Magical hygge.  

Remember when the hygge tradition trended on Instagram a few years ago?

Creating a space of love and warmth during the winter months speaks to something deep within our human instinct.

Hygge like a witch by blessing your blankets with a sacred herbal infusion (toss it in the wash water) or plan a “kitchen witch” themed potluck with your coven.

Plan your Winter Solstice gift wrapping strategy.

Of course, as the Winter Solstice approaches, the time of year comes to exchange gifts for friends and family.

Wrap your gifts with intention, and include items in your wrapping with magical properties.

Try using cinnamon sticks instead of a bow, or draw magical symbols on the wrapping paper that represent love, friendship, or family.

Update your kitchen witch recipes.

chai spice latte cookies

Winter is the season to come into your own as a kitchen witch.

Take the time to create new recipes, compile family recipes from your heritage or design new food magic spells.

Experiment, create, and warm the hearts of those around you with your creations!

Incorporate lanterns into your magical practice.

Lanterns are inherently magical!

And winter is the perfect time to “worship” the light.

There are many creative ways to use lanterns in witchcraft.  

In the winter, they represent the return of the sun after the Winter Solstice.

Blessed be.

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