Yule Fire Winter Solstice Blessing Bundles

Yule fire Winter Solstice blessing bundles.

Empower your Yule fire with this easy DIY craft.  

The simple, natural ingredients like orange peel, rosemary and cinnamon fill your ritual space or home with scent of the season.

Make these adorable Winter Solstice blessing bundles to give away or to warm up your own Yule fire.

With temperatures rapidly plummeting, winter encourages time indoors.  Use it to get a little witchy cold weather crafting done.

Think you aren’t crafty?  Think again!  You literally only need to be able to tie a string. 

Your preschooler could do this.  Promise.

Let’s get started.

 Winter Solstice Yule Fire Blessing Bundles. An easy, DIY Winter Craft for the creative witch!

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Stuff You Will Need for This Project

-dried rosemary (or other fragrant evergreen like cedar or pine)

-whole cinnamon sticks

-dried orange peel

-2 drops cedarwood essential oil per stick

-3 drops orange essential oil per stick

-8-10 inch piece of natural twine per stick

Step 1

Make sure all your non-oil ingredients are extremely dry.  Orange peel should be hard and brittle.  Rosemary should crush easily when rubbed between the thumb and forefinger.

Step 2

Divide rosemary, orange peel and cinnamon sticks into even sections.  Personally, I think these look prettiest with the rosemary on the bottom, the orange peel in the middle, and the cinnamon stick on top as pictured, but use your best judgement.

Step 3

Tie each bundle off with a piece of natural twine.  Use a firm bow (just like tying a shoelace) and pull tight.  Double knot if desired.

Step 4

Carefully anoint each bundle with orange essential oil and cedar essential oil.

Allow each bundle to cure for 3-5 days in a cool, dark, dry place.

Step 5

Build your Yule fire!  If it’s nice outside, you can do this bonfire style in the backyard, or (more likely) in your indoor wood fire place.

Once a good blaze gets going, make a wish for the coming new year, and toss your bundle into the Winter Solstice fire.

Take a moment to enjoy the rich, sweet aroma.

Warning:  Always be mindful of fire safety.  Oils and herbs sometimes flare.  Make sure you toss in your herbs from a reasonable, safe distance.


-These make lovely DIY gifts for all your witchy or pagan friends.  Stay close to the earth by trying one of these natural and upcycled gift wrap ideas.

-You can swap out the essential oils for any winter citrus, spice or woody essential oil.  Try cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pine, frankincense or myrrh.

Don’t try to use synthetic rope or cord as a substitute for natural twine.  Make sure your twine is 100% jute.  Synthetic alternatives give off noxious fumes when burned.  

Blessed be.


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