9 Ways to Use a Lantern in Witchcraft & Ritual Magic

Using lanterns in witchcraft and ritual magic.

Wander into the woods with your lantern and use it to bring a little light into your outdoor ritual.

A common motif in magical folklore, the lantern represents spirits, the dispelling of darkness and hope.

Here are 9 ways to take the illuminating power of lanterns into your sacred space tonight.

When confronting sadness or grief.

In rituals intended to comfort the grieving or ease sadness, lanterns dispel darkness, both literally and spiritually.

For group mourning rituals, consider asking everyone to bring a lantern.  Then, light each one with the same candle flame to symbolize the eternal source of life.

Faerie magic.

You don’t need to believe in the literal existence of faeries to practice faerie magick.

Personally. I think of the faeries as a metaphor for the spirit of the woodlands, the karma of lost items and small wishes granted.

But however you regard them, lanterns symbolize this spritely motif of European folklore.  Add them to wishing spells, to find something lost or to add an enchanted sparkle to a forest ritual.

Lantern scrying.

During the dark moon, sit in a dark room in front of an ordinary mirror.

Place a lantern behind you and just to the side, so that its reflection is visible to you when you look into the mirror.

Allow your eyes to move in and out of focus for at least 10-20 minutes.  What do you see?

Where the spirits gather.

Many believe that lanterns draw spirits the way flames draw moths.

Bring your lantern to paranormal investigations or when you want to call on your ancestors in your spell work.

Use it to light the way to the other side of the Veil.

Light your doorstep for the Solstices.

On the night of both the Winter and Summer Solstices, light your doorstep with a lantern and place it on a fire safe surface.

For the Winter Solstice (also known as Yule), a lantern on the doorstep symbolizes the return of the light.

And on eve of the Summer Solstice (also known as Litha or Midsummer’s Eve), it represents the full power and glory of the sun.

Counter emotional toxicity.

In spells to banish a toxic person from your life, consider placing a lantern on the altar to dispel negative or toxic thoughts.

One of the worst parts of dealing with the negative energy of another person’s bad intentions is that it tends to inspire bad intentions in us.

This is human nature.

But healing emerges only after we break with this cycle and think independently of another person’s actions.  Use lantern light to solidify this intention in reality.

Inspire warmth and joy in the home.

If you plan to move into a new space, light a lantern and walk through every room (even the closets!), mindfully blessing your home for warmth, love and compassion.

Extinguish it and leave it on the fireplace hearth or kitchen counter to be lighted anytime you need to raise the vibrations a little.

Weather magic.

Light a oil lantern and place it at the center of your indoor casted circle during a thunderstorm.

Turn off the lights and use the energy of a powerful weather system to empower your work.

The lantern sheltered in a storm symbolizes strength and stability in the midst of chaos and drama.  Good luck with all that!

Welcome your ancestors.

Place a lantern in the window on nights when you yearn for the wisdom of your ancestors as a signal the spirits beyond that you want some company.

Leave an offering on the altar for your people.

Extinguish the lantern before retiring to bed and pay close attention to your dreams that night.

Blessed be.

Creative ideas to incorporate a lantern in witchcraft, spells, and ritual magick.

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