9 Ideas for Your Witchy Homeschool

Creative Ideas for Your Witchy or Pagan Homeschool

You probably don’t want your witchy homeschool to look like Hogwort’s University. 

(Although maybe?  That really doesn’t sound so bad to me?) 

But if you’re raising a little witchlet, incorporating some lessons inspired by the Craft probably appeals to you.

So where do you start?  What are some guidelines to keep in mind?  And how far do you take it?

Here are some ideas.

Add an invocation to your circle time.

If you begin you day with circle time or a morning basket, try beginning with an invocation.

Invoke anything appropriate to your particular path.

If you aren’t dedicated to any tradition in particular, simply ask the children to close their eyes and guide them through a breathing meditation.

Start a witchy educational garden.

Many homeschools incorporate a garden into their curriculum to teach things like horticulture, the lifecycle of plants and practical life skills.

This also fits neatly into your magical life.

Even if you begin only with a window garden, learning about herbs and their uses in medicine, the culinary arts, and yes, even their traditional metaphysical meanings can be very enriching.

If you’re not comfortable teaching straight up magic to your kids during school hours, consider teaching them some folkloric tales about the herbs you know and work with.

Explore pantheon history.

Work a lesson on your favorite pantheon into an upcoming history lesson.

Studying ancient Greece?  Enrich your lesson with some facts about ancient Greek goddesses.

An overview of Celtic goddesses or (for older kids) the dark history of fairies brings a study of Northern Europe to life.

And a unit on Ancient Egypt wouldn’t be complete without learning about this ancient world’s legendary desert gods.

Consider an elective in modern witchcraft.

Give your high schooler the option of taking an elective course in modern witchcraft to compliment her comparative religion studies.

You can even lay the foundation for her to get certified as a high priestess or officiant down the line if she expresses interest.

Set up an herbalism science lab.

From learning about the parts of a plant to making basic tinctures, the subject of herbalism offers a wide variety of opportunities to teach many concepts in science.

Consider creating an herbal science lab for your witchy homeschool and make it a base for a unit on home chemistry or life science.

Kitchen witch cooking lessons.

Love using your kitchen as a classroom?

Take your kid’s culinary skills to the next level with an introductory course on kitchen witching.

Teach her about using traditional kitchen witch utensils like the cast iron cauldron and spoon wand.  Introduce them to the magical correspondences of culinary herbs.  Or, try making a dish for every Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year.

Paganism in art history.

From Botticelli’s Venus to Canova’s Eros and Psyche, Western art is full of references to early pagan beliefs.

Use this opportunity!

Point out the ways in which witchcraft, mythology and pagan gods influenced art even after monotheism became dominant.  

Set up a classroom altar.

Setting up a communal altar for your witchy homeschool classroom inspires a sense of peace and stillness amid the chaos!

Encourage them to add treasures from your nature walks.  Let older kids light candles on it when they need spiritual support.  Have fun together picking out statuary or other more permanent features.

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