9 Ways to Use Lemon Balm in Witchcraft

Fresh and astringent, with a distinctly citrus aroma, lemon balm is an essential herb in the witch’s magical garden.

From encouraging rapid personal growth to finding inner peace after a period of mourning, here’s 9 reasons to add a jar of lemon balm to your witchy cabinet.

Accelerate Rapid Growth  

If you want a new project or goal to take off quickly, try incorporating this fresh, youthful herb into your magical life. 

Known for its invasive, tenacious nature, lemon balm takes over gardens quickly.  But beware!  Using lemon balm in magic often works too well.  

Pay careful attention to avoid allowing your new endeavor to take up too much space in your life.

Dispel Darkness and Grief

After appropriately mourning the loss of a job, friendship, or even person, you sometimes still feel stuck.

Use this herb in a sachet or incense blend to move past grief and loss.

Burn it on a charcoal disk or throw it into a ritual fire.  As the smoke rises, visualize any residual pain or struggle releasing into the sky.

Its bright, cheerful fragrance encourages positive thinking.

Encourage Tenacity 

Lemon balm grows rapidly even in tough conditions, making it an ideal choice for spells to achieve breakthroughs.  

If you need an extra push to get past a plateau and achieve a personal or professional goal, hang a bundle of dried lemon balm in your workspace.

Or, dilute (affiliate link —–>) lemon balm essential oil in a carrier oil (like jojoba or olive oil) to create a personal anointing oil for success.

Take a cleansing ritual bath.

If you periodically indulge in ritual baths, this herb makes a great addition to a bath for clearing away negativity and psychic junk.

Stuff some (fresh or dried) in a cloth, draw string bag and steep it in your bathwater as you steep tea.

Or, add a few drops of its essential to some Epsom salt and “scrub away” icky vibes if they prove especially stubborn.

Add it to moon water.

The moon rules lemon balm.  

Add its lunar energy to your next batch of moon water for a well-rounded sacred tincture.

Especially nice to keep on hand for rituals you plan later in the month to honor moon goddesses and deities.

Work with bees.

Lemon balm attracts bees with its sweet, sunny aroma.

If you feel connected to the energy of bees or want to work with them in a spiritual way, plant lemon balm in your magical garden along with other bee-friendly herbs and flowers.

This living offering pay homage to the spiritual energy of these essential, sacred animals.

Embrace your femininity.  

Add this herb to passion spells to increase feminine desire.

Ruled by the universal feminine energy, it’s an appropriate addition to rituals, tinctures, and potions for this purpose.

Planning a romantic meal with your (consenting) partner?

Consider boiling a pot of water on the stove with fresh lemon balm leaves several hours before your at-home date.

Then, get cooking.  😉

In spells for joy.

Use this herb as a substitute for lemon in spells for happiness, joy and jubilation.

Its aromatic properties give it a similar metaphysical energy to lemon.

Perfect for happiness teas and brews for this purpose.

For wisdom.

Add this herb to sachets, brews, and oil infusions to increase sagacity in your affairs.

Particularly when met with a crossroads or major life decision, lemon balm aids clear thinking and judgement.

For this reason, also consider adding it to a simple court case spell.  For example, surround the Justice Card from the tarot with fresh lemon balm and allow it to dry in order to encourage carefully weighed court decisions.

Blessed be.

How to use lemon balm in witchcraft, magic and spells.

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